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Enforcing Prophetic Decrees - Nicholas Duncan-Williams

By Shawn Bolz. We see the theme of having a breakthrough in all areas of life and in the world. I love how we see breakthrough appear in the Bible because it is one of the definers of God.

It shows His name, character, and desire to break us out of oppression or bring us breakthrough into His promises. In some modern Christian circles, this has become another inspirational buzzword, and it is at times. But when the Bible uses the terms about breakthrough, the words are never hypothetical or just inspirational; they are absolute about the nature of.

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Create a List. Download to App. Length: pages 1 hour. Description This book is going to show you how to apply biblical breakthrough to your world.

It's not just a buzzword but one of the ways that God defines Himself biblically. God wants to be your breaker. He wants you to know Him as the One who breaks through in your life, family, community, industry, and world.

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Breakthrough: Prophecies, Prayers & Declarations

These are prayers for your life and future based on the truths and promises we find in scripture. When we prayerfully decree and declare the Word of God, power is released from heaven in order to manifest biblical promises and blessings in our lives. The Bible says that even the angels harken to the voice of the Word. Is it Biblical? What does the Bible say about decreeing and declaring affirmations from the scriptures over our lives? As Christian people, we know that the Word of God is powerful and living and able to impart life, blessings and abundance. His will, His plan and His purpose for our lives are found in the scriptures.

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This book includes comprehensive prayer declarations that can be used during prayer time. It also provides insightful guidelines that ministers can use in-order to teach and edify their churches on prophetic prayer. God is a God of order, He does not do things anyhow, but He does things according to His principles. Some of these principles are found in prayer, these are principles that governs how one ought to pray. Similarly, John taught his disciples how they ought to pray.

Prophetic Declarations For Breakthroughs Pdf

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40 Declarations From God’s Word for Healing

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