First Conditional If And Unless Exercises Pdf

first conditional if and unless exercises pdf

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Jump to navigation. As you watch the video, look at the examples of conditional sentences. They are in red in the subtitles.

If vs Unless Exercise 2 5. Mind the position of the if-clause and negations. If Jan could run metres in 10 seconds, he be an athlete. After going over the first and second conditional forms, have students do the practice exercises and conversation questions below.

First conditional PDF

If we aren't careful, we. They are used to express that the action in the main clause without if can only take place if a certain condition in the clause with if is fulfilled. There are three types of Conditional Sentences. Online exercises If clauses conditionals, questions and If clauses conditionals negative sentences. Conditional Exercises.

Interactive Version - In this first conditional interactive worksheet, students use the first conditional to complete sentences in a story. Interactive Version - This interactive first conditional PDF worksheet contains a variety of exercises to help students learn and practice the first conditional tense. Interactive Version - In this interactive first conditional breakout room game, pairs of students guess the endings of first conditional sentences a partner wrote. Interactive Version - In this free first conditional interactive PDF worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to help them practice the first conditional for advice. Interactive Version - In this interactive first conditional Business English worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to practice the first conditional tense in a business context. Interactive Version - In this first conditional breakout room activity, students learn about the different ways the first conditional tense can be used.

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Fill in the suitable words. Exercise instructions Decide whether the following sentences should be in the first or second conditional and put the verb in brackets into the appropriate form. Zero conditional exercises This is the last part of the set - Conditionals. This worksheet is created to practise 0,1,2 conditionals. Conditional first exercises. Today we are going to look in detail at two of these types: Zero Conditional and First Conditional. Write a Java program to solve quadratic equations use if, else if.

Rules Explanations: If Conditionals · First Conditional IF · Second Conditional IF · Third Conditional IF · IF / Unless · Wish Clauses · In Case Fill In Exercises: 1.


Before doing the exercises you may want to read the lesson on conditional sentences. What are idioms? And how can idioms help you become a fluent speaker? Discover a list of the most widely used idiomatic expressions! Phrasal verbs are generally used in spoken English and informal texts.

Tracing Letter L. Put in the correct form of the verb. Answers 1.

PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises. PDF book 3: English grammar rules.

First conditional exercises

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