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How Vapor-Compression Cooling Works

Vapor-compression cooling can be found in virtually any home, such as in air conditioners that remove heat from our homes and in refrigerators that store our food. The history of vapor-compression goes back to where Oliver Evans, an American inventor, described a closed vapor-compression refrigeration cycle for producing ice. The first working vapor-compression refrigeration system was built in by another American who was living in the UK, Jacob Jenkins. This blog post will explain how this vapor-compression refrigeration cycle works and how it can be applied, or you can watch the video explanation, here. Vapor-compression cycle refrigeration is a process that uses the physics of phase change heat transfer and the unique properties of a refrigerant to transfer heat from a relatively cold source to a hot medium. Simply stated, refrigeration systems efficiently move heat from a cold source to a hot heat sink normally air. The components in the basic refrigeration system are the compressor , condenser , expansion valve , and evaporator.

As already brought out, Refrigeration has two main uses- one is air conditioning and other is food preservation. The Refrigerator is the cooling household appliance system where removing the heat from the system to surrounding by the heat pump so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room. Sometimes they are placed between two seats to form a freezer cabinet. The coil has no fins due to the frosting that collects on it over a period and due to low draft by natural convection. In frost-free refrigerators, the evaporated is finned and the air is circulated over it by the fan. During the cyclical cut off period of the refrigerator, the electric heater switch on the defrost the evaporator.

[PDF] Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning By R.S. Khurmi Book Free Download

Compressors , Psychrometry and Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have been included and updated for students to conceptualise the subject in a complete manner. The chapters consist of various exercises, examples, and multiple illustrations that aid in understanding the subject better. The subject of refrigeration and airconditioning is one of great significance as public focus shifts to food processing and preservation technologies. This highlights the need for professionals well-versed in the basics of this technology. A Textbook Of Refrigeration And Air Conditioning elaborates on the basics of this subject by including discussions on topics like multiple evaporator and compressor systems, simple and compound vapour compression refrigeration systems, air refrigeration cycles and systems, psychrometry, vapour absorption refrigeration and compressor systems, comfort conditions, psychrometry, refrigerants and compressors, cooling load estimation, steam jet refrigeration system, evaporators, condensers, expansion devices, and food preservation including cryogenics, fans, and ducts.

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