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Four Weddings and a Funeral

It rings truer. Why am I always at weddings and never getting married? At the first wedding we witness, Charles meets a fancily free American woman — Carrie — who catches his eye. He fumbles their introduction, but she turns the tables on him and does the seducing.

They have a tryst that night yet she departs for the United States the following morning. In the ceremonies that follow we will see them always be pulled apart from each other for one reason or another — and we will meet the rest of his friends and be involved in their vicissitudes, successes and failures — as if we ourselves were acquaintances at all these different affairs.

The latter is a character out of a Shakespeare comedy — displaying bawdy humor and a lust for life, food and booze. There is an emphasis on the central relationship of Carrie and Charles, but the film is ultimately about the love story that is built around your friends. The film turns on the device spelled for you in its title. Cleverly and wisely, it allegorically boils life down to a series of memorable events in which the characters interact.

The narrative is divided into the four chapters which will contain all of the action. A stark contrast to our current state lacking structure and full of incertitude. Each wedding has its own atmosphere and individuality — beautifully choreographed and edited — varying between rural yet grand settings and chic London. The funeral appropriately takes place next to a factory.

She counts thirty-two. This was the film that made Hugh Grant a household name — and he has the same appeal as that other famous actor with the same last name — Cary. He stammers — and it only adds to the sex appeal and attractiveness. Kristin Scott Thomas as the best friend who loves him from afar is so electric that you only wish they would end up together. Simon Callow steals every scene as the raucous Gareth. Two people are in love, they live together, and then suddenly one day they run out of conversation.

Then suddenly it occurs to the chap there is a way out of the deadlock. It was a very modest production. We were lucky the script was so watertight. There was no ducking and weaving around egos: we simply cast the actors who were best for the roles. The low budget forced us to be innovative. In our tiny schedule, we had to have five big public occasions — four weddings and a funeral — involving hundreds of extras.

Simply getting scenes done in any basic fashion was challenging. There was no time to discuss anything and yet the producer, writer and director seemed to need to do an awful lot of discussing, which I began to find frustrating.

I kicked a lot of gravestones. They all seem to remember me being ill-tempered. Richard Curtis is always very generous, saying that we put a degree of realism into the characters that had not necessarily been there on the page. We had to make these apparently gilded youths, three or four years out of Harrow and Oxford, feel acceptable to a general audience, and that required good casting.

Hugh was brilliant at doing that. Opening in America first was absolutely the right thing to do. It stopped people thinking that this was just a small, worthless English film. We had a public preview in Santa Monica, the sort of thing people dread because the possibilities of humiliation are high. When James Fleet, who played bumbling Tom, did that funny little trip on a staircase in the first 30 seconds, somebody in the audience laughed. No-one saw it coming.

But it was happy. Today, it feels like we need to censure our laughter. The film was a perfect storm of actors, writers and creatives. It was like a French impressionist painting full of light. You want to be there, where the light is. There is a fine line between what is comedic and what is very real. I wanted to walk that fine line.

It is very difficult to be funny. Comedy is just that. This reminds me how dead on the page it was, until the right person came in. The actor has been droll, in the years since, as to just how low he was in his career at the time. Four Weddings, as he often tells it, was a last throw. Curtis recalls that the jokes in his script seemed to work, suddenly, when Grant came in to read.

While reading English at Cambridge he began directing student theatrical productions. After graduating in he joined Granada as a trainee director, moving from news and documentaries via serials to plays. In he turned to freelance production, collaborating with playwrights such as David Hare, John Osborne and Jack Rosenthal.

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There are many ways to measure up a reboot to its original predecessor, but in the case of Four Weddings And A Funeral, a film renowned for its liberal use of swear words, the only logical way to decide whether the TV show is worth its salt or not is to analyse its use of expletives. A classic conundrum. It's the same, but different and, as such, it's become clear that the only way to truly, critically compare the film and the TV show is to have a good old fashioned swear off. The OG Four Weddings And A Funeral is renowned for its posh boy's potty mouth — audience members even walked out of a screening in Salt Lake City thanks to the opening scene's frequency of fucks — and yet it still managed to get two Oscar nominations, four Baftas and a Golden Globe award. Remember, this was in , so that's impressive stuff.

It rings truer. Why am I always at weddings and never getting married? At the first wedding we witness, Charles meets a fancily free American woman — Carrie — who catches his eye. He fumbles their introduction, but she turns the tables on him and does the seducing. They have a tryst that night yet she departs for the United States the following morning.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

It was the first of several films by screenwriter Richard Curtis to feature Hugh Grant , and follows the adventures of Charles Grant and his circle of friends through a number of social occasions as they each encounter romance. The film's success propelled Hugh Grant to international stardom, particularly in the United States. In , Empire magazine ranked it 21st in their list of the best British films.

A comparative swearing analysis of Four Weddings And A Funeral: film vs TV show

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Hugh Grant is. Charles, and Andie MacDowell is Carrie. Richard Curtis wrote the words for the film, and he had to rewrite them seventeen times! His girlfriend.

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