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Guidance and counseling is a very important program in a shool.

The Importance Of Guidance & Counselling In A Student's Life

Guidance and counseling is a very important program in a shool. It is a process through which students are given on how to deal with emotional and personal onflicts and problems in both school and the society. There are people who are responsible for guidance and counseling of a learner for example ;teachers , parents , matron , cateress , security personel , supportive staff and many others.

The following are some of the roles they play in guiding and counseling students ;. PARENTS ; To help the school in teaching their children proper attitudes like self-discilpine , self-control , honesty , dignity among other good moral values. To advise and encourage their children to make good use of school guidance and counselling services. To provide information neccesary in helping their children get proper guidance and counselling , for example if a parent realises that his or her child has a problem in a certain subject he or she can let the subject teacher know so that the teacher can know how to identify the weakness of the student.

To examine the students at home to know whether they benefit from the guidance services offered at school. A parent has the right to use the school guidance and counselling services at school to ensure that their children are offered the right guidance.

By may be reading the materials provided to the learners by their school counselors. To sometimes engage in the reviewing of the content and curriculum of guidance and counselling. Incase the school wants to revise the school curriculum , they can involve the parents. To provide materials needed for guidance and counselling in the school for example magazines , books among others. To avail themselves when needed at the school may be to discuss problems caused by their children and take them positive if they are.

They should not show favourism towards their children. To pray for their children while at school and at home and try to tell them the good morals they should be having. To be role models to the children by living an examplary life which the children can emmulate and be better people both in the school and in the society. To encourage their children to follow the school rules and regulations so as to avoid punishments.

To always reward their children for their good behavior. This will make them feel appreciated and wish to improve on their behaviors positively.

Talking negatively about teachers in the presence of their children. Some parents do not counsel their children while at home and this brings a lot of burden to the school guidance and counselING staff since they will have to guide those students in all areas. Also parents give inappropriate advises to their children for example a a parent may tell his or her children that no one should cain or punish them at school and if anyone dares they should report it to the parents.

Since some children come from very well up backgrounds , they are given a lot of pocket money by their parents and meet with students from low class backgrounds at school where some students feel misplaced and their self-esteem grows low. Not all parents are good role models and this may make their children emulate them and take the immoral behaviors at school causing threat to the guidance and counseling department and the whole school at large.

Some parents do not caution their children whenever they do any mistake. To publish and present inernal memos concerning guidance and counselling to the students through pinning them to the notice boards where every student can read at his or her own time.

To identify areas where learners need guidance and counselling and offer it themselves or inform the responsible staff. For example they may identify areas like drug abuse , single parenthood , broken families among others which are major challenges that peers experience. Since they are specialists ina some areas like in secretary , clrek areas they can ofer guidance on those areas of specialisation and this can help many students who may be having interest by advising them on making wise and ound decisions.

To participate in the lanning and development of the school guidance and counselling program. For example on the schedule of the service in the schoo. To attend trainings offered by the school or the society on guidance and counselling so that they can get knowledge on how to offer effective services to the learners and that they may not be challenged by students. Incase their competence of guiding and counseling is not enough they can refer the student to the school counselors or other professionals outside the school.

To participate in the in-service assistanc in the development of the old and the new competences useful in performing the guidance and counseling. To provide students with facts about themselves and their environment as a basic framework for thinking logically about their goals and then relating them to their abilities. To win the confidence of students and help them in every possible way to evaluate their own development and growth.

They may be very harsh to learners in a way that the learners may not be free to share with them the experiences they are experiencing. They may not be secretive with what the learners tell them and incase the learners come to know their secrets are revealed they may decide to keep their problems to themselves.

Since they are not trained on counseling they lack the skills for effective counseling. This may result to harassing the students and make them fear telling their problems to them.

MATRON ; To offer guidance and counseling to the students in areas pertaining hygiene , diet , ralation with elders and peers and other major areas of life.

Incase their competence of guiding the students is not availed she has to refer the students to the guidance and counseling staff or to professionals who can play a better role than she can.

To mediate between students and the administration ; students can feel so much free to tell the matron many things concerning their opinions but they can not do that to the guidance personels or tha administration. Through the matron these things get known to the administration. To creat a conducive safe and secure environment for guidance to the students. Students to feel safe and secure when telling their wishes to the matron in which some of them are their deep secrets.

To be friendly to the students in a way that they feel free to tell or ask her some questions which they can feel hard or not at all ask their parents, peers or teachers as a reslut of fear. To identify learners who need guidance and inform the responsible pesonels so that they can decide on what be done to that certain student. To advise the guidance and counseling staff on the majoor areas which need attention as far as the students are concerned.

To act as a major source of students referal to the school counselors because she daily contacts with the students. To act as a receiving agent for students who have been counseled and monitor their behavior and progress.

To help the parents of the students to develop realistic perception of their children development in relation to their potentials and behavior. To act as a consultant by the members of the administration to share appropriate students data , helping them to identify students with special needs and problems. To help students to understand themselves in relation to social and psychological world in which they live.

One learns to accept oneself , develop personal decisions making competencies and be able to solve problems. They may realise a problem with a certain student and fail to take any action as in ,counsel the learner or report the matter to the authority. Also matrons may be involved in wasting the students for a matron may realise that a students is pregnant and instead of helping her in taking care of the unborn they encourage her to abort so that she continues with studies.

Some matrons are not role models in that they may be involved in hiden affairs with other school workers and then when the students realise,they may think that relating the same to anybody in the school is not an issue. They may tell the students about some issues related to the school and make learners hate the school or some people in the school for example the members of the staff or surbodunate staff hence having negative attitude and may not listen to anyone who is trying to change the story they know.

Incase they are not treated well by the school they may incite students to strike or riot as a way getting their rights. So as to kknow the grievances of the students the guidance and counseling department is responsible. To build a good rapport with the students making it easier for ths students to ineract with them freely hence advising them on making sound decisions.

To identify students who era in need of guidance and counseling , offer it to them or inform the responsible people to help them. To help in the planning and development of guidance and counseling programs while giving major areas which need guidance. To help students to find and use their strengths to be able to cope effectively with making appropriate decisions or taking appropriate actions. To encourage and advice students to edhere to school rules and regulations so as to fit in the school and also to avoid crossing with teachers hence avoiding punishments.

To advise students on how to relate well with others moreso those in the school compound like teachers , supportive staff , security personels and also their fellow students creating the heart of respect in the students.

To advise students with appetite problems and other dietal problems on the best diet to boost their appetite and which soots their status , for example she can advise a diabetic students on the foods which are good for her or his health.

To promote cleanliness among students ; a cateress can participate in teaching homescience students and encourage the students to ensure their cooking practicals. They may fail in engaging in what they are supposed to in relation to guidance and counseling.

They encourage students to utilise the school guidance and counseling services but instead spend most of the time just making stories with the students without any help to them.

They may be used by the students to bring in the school compound illegal staff like food staff , phones and messages from outsuders. Since they are always in kitchen , they may give some students special food made for the teachers and other staff and make students demand for such meals and since it is not so easy the students decide to strike for their right.

Some cateresses are so friendly to the learners in such a way that the learners can share anything with them. To identify students with immoral behaviors for example ; students who sneak and report them to the authorities. To ensure that the school fratenity is safe and that there is a conducive environment for guidance and counseling and also the learning. To advice students on how to behave themselves when in school and to follow school rules and regulations in order to lead an enjoyable and peaceful life in school with teachers.

To bridge the gap between the students and the administration since they channel their problems through with ease more than the students could do themselves. To provide a good relation wih students so that students can feel free to share their experiences with them and help them where they can.

To create a positive attitudes among learners concerning work and encourage them to love work since no gain without hard work for better life. Some security personels are not trustworth and responsible as they are expected counseling sector since they may allow students to have illegal materials like phones,drugs and other things in the school compound whereby learners may influence other students hence becoming a burden to the school at large and moreso to the guidance and counseling department.

Security personels are also responsible for anybody who gets in the school compound and he or she is not supposed to be there. They are always aware of many of the affairs between students and outsiders and as a result of need for money they are paid not to report such things to the administration hence bacoming a responsibility to the guidance and counseling department. At some points the security personels have hidden affairs with the students and this brings about failure in both cases for example the secretary personel may loose job when known and the student may be suspended from school or drop in class work hence requiring guidance and counseling.

Some personels may be having misunderstanding with one of the guidance and counseling staff and as a result incite the students in to hating the counselor hence no students will neither listen to the counselor incase there is guidance and counseling program in the school.

They are mostly used by students to obtain some resources neede to mal practices like strikes such as petrol match boxes and others. They also participate in the organising of the strikes.

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The Role and Function of the Secondary School Guidance and Counselling Programme

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Teachers have multiple roles to perform nowadays. To fulfil their roles professionally, teachers need to be competent in their responsibilities.

The Importance Of Guidance & Counselling In A Student's Life

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After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Guidance 2. Nature of Guidance 3.

An international scoping project on school-based counseling showed school counseling is mandatory in 39 countries, 32 USA states, one Australian state, 3 German states, 2 countries in the United Kingdom, and three provinces in Canada. In other cases, school counseling is provided by classroom teachers who either have such duties added to their typical teaching load or teach only a limited load that also includes school counseling activities India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Zambia. While national policy supports school counseling, only one Australian state requires it.

Educational assessment: What school leaders need to know. Numerous examples, sample forms, letters, activity suggestions, action plans, program evaluation surveys, and observation forms are also included. From the results of this study it is recommended that universities institute measures to enhance students' academic self-efficacy as it has been noted that it is related to their academic performance.

Guidance counseling

Guidance counseling , byname counseling and guidance , the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness. It is implicit in the philosophy of counseling that these objectives are complementary rather than conflicting. The function of those who guide children and young people is not to effect a compromise between the requirements of individuals on the one hand and the demands of the community on the other. It is rather to orient the individual toward those opportunities afforded by his environment that can best guarantee the fulfillment of his personal needs and aspirations. Guidance, in this sense, is a pervasive activity in which many persons and organizations take part.

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Importance of Guidance in Education

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Teachers can foster planning when: they help students relate what they learn and the goals they have for their lives, in order to promote a forward-looking perspective with confidence; help students identify learning objectives and plan what to study and how to study; value the role of school and work for the.

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Those Teacher's Guidance Counseling especially noticeable roles that can be taken is to help improve the quality of the relationship between students and.