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Oral Literature in Africa

This essay probes the production of critical knowledge in African literary studies with particular reference to the study of modern African poetry. It surveys the major paradigms and methods in this regard, exploring the viable alternatives and possibilities for reading the tradition. Modern African poetry in the context of the essay refers to African poetry in the received European languages—English, French and Portuguese—but for practical convenience, its focus is limited to modern African poetry of English expression and, to some extent, Francophone African poetry in English translation. The study assesses significant efforts made by African and non-African critics with regard to defining the tradition of modern African poetry. The notion of critical reception in the study is, consequently, so inclusive that it accommodates practices as diverse as canon formation, the formulation of critical criteria and the construction of African literary geography. The proceedings of the conferences, edited by Gerald Moore , are brought together in African Literature and the Universities.

An Introduction To East African Poetry - J. Kariara

Get high school and primary school exams with marking schemes. Institution: Kenyatta University question papers. History can be said to be the hero in East African Drama.? With close reference to any two plays covered in this course, assess the validity of the above observation. East African poetry is a poetry of disillusionment.? Discuss this observation, with a critical reference to the poems in the texts Poems from East Africa or An anthology of East African Poetry. What is the relevance of studying John Ruganda?

Austin Bukenya born 10 February is a Ugandan poet, playwright, novelist and academic administrator. He has also held residences at universities in Rwanda and Germany. Bukenya is also a literary critic, novelist, poet and dramatist. Bukenya, who prefers to be called Mwalimu, was born in in Masaka town, Southern Uganda, where his father worked as a policeman. His family later moved to Kitukutwe 15 miles from Kampala.

The purpose of this unit is to read poems and plays produced by writers from the Eastern. African region. The unit focuses on how writers from Eastern Africa.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied. An introduction to East African poetry. African poets at that time, other than a couple of poets who I came across by chance. At the entrance to the lecture room, he burst into a Kikuyu lullaby and sung it all the way to the lectern even as some students joined.

The rest of the questions carry 20mks each. Each of your answers should be written in continuous prose and in idiomatic standard English. Discuss the role s of a poet and dramatist as people who mirror or reflect the evils of their societies in East Africa. Discuss the truth of this statement with illustrations from poetry and drama texts from East Africa, you have done in this course.

Didactic and narrative religious poetry and the Islamic tradition; the Swahili tenzi. Hymns, prayers, and incantations: general survey; the Fante Methodist lyric. Mantic poetry: Sotho divining praises; odu Ifa Yoruba.

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The poetry of the colonial era in East Africa focused on oppression, cultural pride, African religion etc. Examples of these poems can be found in an introduction to.

Wyatt R.


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