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Hyodo, M. Triaxial tests with controlled temperature and confining pressure have been carried out on artificial samples of methane hydrate to determine the mechanical properties for the purpose of studying extraction methods and related stability problems. The results confirm that the strength of methane hydrate increases at low temperatures and high pressures.

Natural gas (methane) and propane as fuel gases

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. A colorless, odorless, flammable gas and the major component of natural gas. It forms explosive mixtures with air and is moderately soluble in water. Little information is available on the toxicity of methane.

Jean Hein. The use of natural gas methane and propane as fuel gases exemplifies numerous areas of general science and general chemistry: intermolecular forces, states of matter and changes of state; heats of vaporization; liquid—vapour equilibrium and vapour pressure; stoichiometry and heats of combustion; gas laws; carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. The chemistry and technology of using these gases as fuels can be used to connect these topics to a practical context. This article presents some selected physical and chemical properties of the two fuels and some basics of fuel gas use, working from the gas source or cylinder, to the gas supply pressure regulator, then to the burners. This material offers a variety of relevant applications along with ideas for interesting test questions. The Table contains properties relevant to the use of natural gas methane and propane as fuel gases. The intermolecular forces between the very small molecules of methane CH 4 are very weak.

Effects of coal rank on physicochemical properties of coal and on methane adsorption

Alkanes are not very reactive when compared with other chemical species. This is because the backbone carbon atoms in alkanes have attained their octet of electrons through forming four covalent bonds the maximum allowed number of bonds under the octet rule; which is why carbon's valence number is 4. These four bonds formed by carbon in alkanes are sigma bonds, which are more stable than other types of bond because of the greater overlap of carbon's atomic orbitals with neighboring atoms' atomic orbitals. To make alkanes react, the input of additional energy is needed; either through heat or radiation. Gasoline is a mixture of the alkanes and unlike many chemicals, can be stored for long periods and transported without problem. It is only when ignited that it has enough energy to continue reacting. This property makes it difficult for alkanes to be converted into other types of organic molecules.

Characteristics of natural gas

For the thorough research on coal metamorphism impact on gas adsorption capacity, this paper collected and summarized parameters of experimental adsorption isotherms, coal maceral, proximate analysis and ultimate analysis obtained from National Engineering Research Center of Coal Gas Control and related literatures at home and abroad, systematically discussed the coal rank effect on its physicochemical properties and methane adsorption capacity, in which the coal rank was shown in Vitrinite reflectance, furthermore, obtained the Semi-quantitative relationship between physicochemical properties of coal and methane adsorption capacity. Biological-sedimentary impact on various plants or plants in different positions under a certain geological history causes the differences of coal quality expressed in ultimate content , coal petrology expressed in maceral composition and ash contents obtained from proximate composition analysis. Physicochemical properties mainly expressed in proximate composition, maceral composition and ultimate content variation in coal leads to the adsorption characteristics difference of methane in coal, and many scholars did a lot of research on the influence factors of coal rank and physicochemical properties of coal on gas adsorption, in which the coal rank that can also influence the physicochemical properties is the main controlling factors. Adsorption of methane in coal is an important research subject in coal mine safety and CBM exploration.

Methane CH 4 is a colorless, odorless gas with a tetrahedral geometry. Its chemical properties make it useful as a common fuel source, in producing hydrogen gas for fertilizers and explosives, and in synthesizing valuable chemicals. However, methane is also a potent greenhouse gas. Methane has the chemical formula of CH 4 and a molecular weight of The methane molecule is tetrahedral, with the carbon atom at the center and the four hydrogen atoms on the corners of the tetrahedron.

Determine the linkage between hydrate concentration and seismic characteristics in subsea sediments. University of Wyoming, Dept. This project built on the wealth of information from Ocean Drilling Program ODP sites, drilled during Leg over a larger part of Blake Ridge, by collecting and analyzing three-dimensional, multi-channel seismic MCS data and three-component, ocean-bottom seismometer OBS data.

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Learning Objectives. Because alkanes have relatively predictable physical properties and undergo relatively few chemical reactions other than combustion, they serve as a basis of comparison for the properties of many other organic compound families. Because alkane molecules are nonpolar, they are insoluble in water, which is a polar solvent, but are soluble in nonpolar and slightly polar solvents. Consequently, alkanes themselves are commonly used as solvents for organic substances of low polarity, such as fats, oils, and waxes.

Methane, the simplest organic compound, was deemed to have little physiological action for decades. However, recently, many basic studies have discovered that methane has several important biological effects that can protect cells and organs from inflammation, oxidant, and apoptosis. Heretofore, there are two delivery methods that have been applied to researches and have been proved to be feasible, including the inhalation of methane gas and injection with the methane-rich saline. This review studies on the clinical development of methane and discusses about the mechanism behind these protective effects. As a new field in gas medicine, this study also comes up with some problems and prospects on methane and further studies. Methane, the simplest alkane, is the most plentiful organics on earth and has been studied for hundreds of years since its discovery in

PDF | We present physical and physico-chemical investigations on gas hydrates with special emphasis on the geologically and technologically relevant | Find.

Marsh gas (methane)


Methane , colourless, odourless gas that occurs abundantly in nature and as a product of certain human activities. Methane is the simplest member of the paraffin series of hydrocarbons and is among the most potent of the greenhouse gases. Its chemical formula is CH 4. Methane is lighter than air , having a specific gravity of 0. It is only slightly soluble in water.

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8.13: Physical Properties of Hydrocarbons

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