Prefrontal And Medial Temporal Lobe Interactions In Long Term Memory Pdf

prefrontal and medial temporal lobe interactions in long term memory pdf

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Published: 22.06.2021

Source data, tasks, and protocols are openly available from links below. Preprints Korkki, S. Hippocampal-cortical encoding activity predicts the precision of episodic memory.

Prefrontal-Hippocampal Interactions in Memory and Emotion

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Critically, we corrected for the performance on the respective memory task when analyzing subsequent memory effects. Each trial consisted of an indoor or outdoor scene in which the exact configuration of four objects had to be remembered. After scanning, participants received an unexpected subsequent recognition memory LTM task, where the two previously unprobed objects were tested. Brain activity during encoding, delay phase and probe phase was analyzed based on WM and LTM performance. Results showed that successful WM performance, when corrected for LTM performance, was associated with greater activation in the inferior frontal gyrus and left fusiform gyrus during the early stage of the maintenance phase. A correct decision during the WM probe was accompanied by greater activation in a wide network, including bilateral hippocampus, right superior parietal gyrus and bilateral insula.

Prefrontal-Hippocampal Interactions in Memory and Emotion

Long-term memory LTM is the stage of the Atkinson—Shiffrin memory model where informative knowledge is held indefinitely. It is defined in contrast to short-term and working memory , which persist for only about 18 to 30 seconds. Long-term memory is commonly labelled as explicit memory declarative , as well as episodic memory , semantic memory , autobiographical memory , and implicit memory procedural memory. According to Miller , whose paper in popularized the theory of the "magic number seven" , short-term memory is limited to a certain number of chunks of information, while long-term memory has a limitless store. According to the dual store memory model proposed by Richard C.

Prefrontal and medial temporal lobe interactions in long-term memory

The role of the hippocampus in declarative memory consolidation is a matter of intense debate. We investigated the neural substrates of memory retrieval for recent and remote information using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI. Presentation of the same learned images at both delays allowed us to track the evolution of memories and distinguish consistently episodic memories from those that were initially episodic and then became familiar or semantic over time and were retrieved without any contextual detail. Hippocampal activation decreased over time for initially episodic, later semantic memories, but remained stable for consistently episodic ones, at least in its posterior part. For both types of memories, neocortical activations were observed at both delays, notably in the ventromedial prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices.

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Cortical-subcortical interactions in psychiatric disease View all 11 Articles. The hippocampal formation HPC and medial prefrontal cortex mPFC have well-established roles in memory encoding and retrieval. However, the mechanisms underlying interactions between the HPC and mPFC in achieving these functions is not fully understood.

How do we rapidly process incoming streams of information in working memory, a cognitive mechanism central to human behavior? Dominant views of working memory focus on the prefrontal cortex PFC , but human hippocampal recordings provide a neurophysiological signature distinct from the PFC. Are these regions independent, or do they interact in the service of working memory? We addressed this core issue in behavior by recording directly from frontotemporal sites in humans performing a visuospatial working memory task that operationalizes the types of identity and spatiotemporal information we encounter every day.

Nikolai Axmacher, Daniel P. Schmitz, Ilona Weinreich, Christian E. Recent findings indicate that regions in the medial temporal lobe MTL do not only play a crucial role in long-term memory LTM encoding, but contribute to working memory WM as well. However, very few studies investigated the interaction between these processes so far. In a new functional magnetic resonance imaging paradigm comprising both a complex WM task and an LTM recognition task, we found not only that some items were successfully processed in WM but later forgotten, but also that a significant number of items which were not successfully processed in the WM task were subsequently recognized. Activation in the parahippocampal cortex PHC during successful WM was predictive of subsequent LTM, but was correlated with subsequent forgetting if the WM task was not successfully solved.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Simons and H. Simons , H. Cognitive neuroscience has made considerable progress in understanding the involvement of the medial temporal and frontal lobes in long-term memory. Whereas the medial temporal lobe has traditionally been associated with the encoding, storage and retrieval of long-term memories, the prefrontal cortex has been linked with cognitive control processes such as selection, engagement, monitoring and inhibition.

The medial temporal lobes play an important role in episodic memory, but over time, hippocampal contributions to retrieval may be diminished. However, it is unclear whether such changes are related to the ability to retrieve contextual information, and whether they are common across all medial temporal regions. Here, we used functional neuroimaging to compare neural responses during immediate and delayed recognition. Results showed that recollection-related activity in the posterior hippocampus declined after a 1-day delay. In contrast, activity was relatively stable in the anterior hippocampus and in neocortical areas.

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