Porous Media Heat And Mass Transfer Transport And Mechanics Pdf

porous media heat and mass transfer transport and mechanics pdf

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Fluid and flow problems in porous media have attracted the attention of industrialists, engineers and scientists from varying disciplines, such as chemical, environmental, and mechanical engineering, geothermal physics and food science. There has been a increasing interest in heat and fluid flows through porous media, making this book a timely and appropriate resource.

Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies of transport phenomena in heat and mass transfer are reported in depth in this volume. Papers are presented which review and discuss the most recent developments in areas such as: Mass transfer; Cooling of electronic components; Phase change processes; Instrumentation techniques; Numerical methods; Heat transfer in rotating machinery; Hypersonic flows; and Industrial applications. Bringing together the experience of specialists in these fields, the volume will be of interest to researchers and practising engineers who wish to enhance their knowledge in these rapidly developing areas.

Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media

The present paper is concerned to analyze the influence of the unsteady free convection flow of a viscous incompressible fluid through a porous medium with high porosity bounded by a vertical infinite moving plate in the presence of thermal radiation, heat generation, and chemical reaction. The fluid is considered to be gray, absorbing, and emitting but nonscattering medium, and Rosseland approximation is considered to describe the radiative heat flux in the energy equation. The dimensionless governing equations for this investigation are solved analytically using perturbation technique. The effects of various governing parameters on the velocity, temperature, concentration, skin-friction coefficient, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are shown in figures and tables and analyzed in detail. In contrast to rocks, soil, sand, and other media that do fall in this category, certain porous materials, such as foam metals and fibrous media, usually have high porosity.

In this article we use the method of volume averaging to derive the governing equations for heat and mass transport in a rigid porous medium. These equations involve spatial derivations of the temperature and concentration and suitable representations of these deviations are required in order to obtain a closure. In our approach, the closure is based on the governing differential equations for the spatial deviations and it allows for the direct determination of the transport coefficients that appear in the volume-averaged equations. These calculated coefficients are compared with experimental measurements for the following cases: diffusion and reaction in porous media, heat conduction in two-phase systems, dispersion of a non-adsorbing solute and thermal dispersion in a packed bed. For conductive and diffusive transport, excellent agreement between theory and experiment is found using the spatially periodic model of a porous medium.

Transport Phenomena in Heat and Mass Transfer

This book, "Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media", presents a set of new developments in the field of basic and applied research work on the physical and chemical aspects of heat and mass transfer phenomena in a porous medium domain, as well as related material properties and their measurements. The book contents include both theoretical and experimental developments, providing a self-contained major reference that is appealing to both the scientists and the engineers. At the same time, these topics will encounter of a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines, such as chemical, civil, agricultural, mechanical engineering, etc. The book is divided in several chapters that intend to be a short monograph in which the authors summarize the current state of knowledge for benefit of professionals. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents.

Hartley, J. May 1, Heat Transfer. May ; 2 : — The transient heat and mass transfer in a moist porous medium adjacent to a cylindrical heat source is analyzed in order to characterize the thermal stability of the medium.

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Porous Media Heat and Mass Transfer Transport and Mechanics

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Transport Phenomena in Porous Media III

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In book: Fundamentals of Transport Phenomena in Porous Media (pp) equations for heat and mass transport in a rigid porous medium. which includes the effects of molecular diffusion and mechanical dispersion.

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It reports the latest and most creative research results in the fields of heat and mass transfer including conduction, convection and radiation, phase change phenomena, heat exchanger design and testing, nuclear reactors, geothermal heat recovery, alternative energy systems, Emerging technologies such as Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems MEMS , Micro-channels, Fuel cell, Bio- and Nano-technology, Transport in Porous media, Ice formation, and Melting , Reactor design, Microreactors, Multiphase reactors, Multiscale modeling, Transport phenomena related to multiphase reactors; Gas-solid reactions, Heat transfer in machinery and welding operations.

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