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Literature can be categorized into two main classifications based on the structure of language.

Prose and Poetry: A Comparative Study

Literature can be categorized into two main classifications based on the structure of language. These two categories are known as prose and poetry. Prose is the language in its original and natural form, i.

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meaning. The main difference between prose and poetry is that prose is written naturally whereas poetry is written in a metrical structure. What is a Prose? What is a Poetry? Prose is a major form of literature; both fiction and nonfiction are included in prose. Novels, novellas , short stories , biographies, autobiographies , memoirs , essays, travel books, academic essays, thesauruses, textbooks, etc.

The language is grammatical in nature and consists of a natural flow of speech, instead of metrical structure. It is composed of full grammatical sentences, and these sentences are then grouped in paragraphs. The language used in nonfiction such as newspaper, textbooks, travel books, etc.

The spoken language can also be classified as prose. Since the spoken language has the characteristics of prose, many people find it easier to write prose than poetry. Another significant factor that contributes to this preference is the word limit in poetry; poets often use a limited number of words to express their ideas.

Factors such as rhyme, rhythm , metric syllables, etc. Poetry is normally used to express something in an artistic and aesthetic way. However, the language of poetry is not as natural or free as prose. A poem is composed of lines; a line can be very long or as short as one word. A stanza is made up of several stanzas. Poems can be classified into different types depending on the structure of the stanzas. Free verse, blank verse , cinquain , diamante poems, etc.

As mentioned above, poets use a limited number of words to express their ideas in poetry. This is why one line can be as short as one word. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the meaning of the poem by reading it only once or twice.

An in-depth reading and analysis may be required to decipher the complete meaning. Prose: Prose is a form of literature that uses the language in its original and natural form. Poetry: Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language to evoke meaning.

Prose : Prose does not pay attention to rhyme and rhythm. Poetry: Poetry pays attention to rhyme and rhythm; they are the essential components in a poem. Prose: The writer usually has no word limit. Poetry: Poets use a limited number of words. Prose: The ideas are written in sentences; sentences are grouped into paragraphs. Poetry: The ideas are written in lines; lines are grouped into stanzas.

Prose: The language is more natural and grammatical. Poetry: The language is figurative and rhythmical. Prose: Prose can generally be understood by reading once. Poetry: More than one reading may be needed to understand the meaning of a poem. She is currently reading for a Masters degree in English. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food. View all posts.

Poetry vs. Prose

Literature refers to written creative work , particularly those which have a high and enduring value. It is known for its form in which the message is presented or communicated and its content. Prose and poetry are the two common forms of literature; wherein prose is written work, which contains sentences and paragraphs, and does not have any metrical structure. As against, poetry is a genre of literature which is based on a particular form, that creates a rhyme. The basic difference between prose and poetry is that we have sentences and paragraphs, whereas lines and stanzas can be found in a poetry.

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When you write poetry, you turn rice into rice wine. Cooked rice doesn't change its shape, but rice wine changes both in quality and shape. Cooked rice makes one full so one can live out one's life span. Its effect is sublimely beyond explanation. Poetry is language spoken or written according to some pattern of recurrence that emphasises relationships between words on the basis of sound as well as meaning. This pattern is almost always a rhythm or metre regular pattern of sound units.

Difference Between Prose and Poetry (With Table)

Classically, prose is defined as a form of language based on grammatical structure and the natural flow of speech. It is normally contrasted with poetry or verse which is said to depend on a rhythmic structure, using meter or rhyme. Spoken dialogue, factual discourse, and a whole range of forms of writing normally use prose: literature, journalism, history, philosophy, encyclopedias, film and law rely upon it for the bulk of what they have to say. This originates in the Latin expression prosa oratio , which means literally, 'straightforward or direct speech'. Prose tends to comprise of full grammatical sentences, building to paragraphs; poetry typically contains a metrical scheme and often some element of rhyme.

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Comparison chart

Understanding prose vs. However, each different type of writing has a unique structure and purpose. Learn the similarities and differences between prose and poetry through a cumulative overview of each. Literature is creative writing in one form or another. Both prose and poetry are forms of literature that present a point to an audience, and both take some skill. Additionally, both prose and poetry use descriptive language like literary devices. In the simplest terms, prose is everyday writing.

Difference Between Prose and Poetry

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