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flat file database advantages and disadvantages pdf

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Relational databases and the software that access them can be invaluable tools to businesses. Compared to other methods of storing and organizing information, they can be fast, easy to access and give you numerous ways of accessing and categorizing information.

A Flat file database is also known as the text database. It is the most important type of database used to store data in a plain text file MS Excel.

Flat file and relational databases

Write your boss a memo, outlining any concerns or hesitations you have about moving to this format for management of your data. Include the pros and cons of the relational database format and the flat file format. Be sure to think critically, and include any problematic use case scenarios. I know from the last few staff meetings that we are looking to change our database configuration from a traditional relational database mangement system RDBMS to a flat file storage based system.

Two of the main advantages of a flat file system are the simplicity of record storage and the ease of use of the data. One of the main advantages of a flat file based system is having all of the available data in the same location. This means that all the data available is within any given record. In the case of our data a flat file system would look like this. Each flight record would include all the necessary fields to describe flight.

This setup makes the data very readable and understandle to anyone who has access to the file. The second advantage we will examine is the ease of use for the database. A flat file system can be viewed from any number of applications making is very accessible.

Users will also have very little difficulty with understanding the data because each record contains all available about a given flight. Simple queries and sorting should be no problem for most flat file based systems. While a flat file based system can work for some datasets I do not think it is appropriate for us.

There are several disadvangtes to using a flat file system for our data. These include data duplication, difficulty of updating, and data security. In the example data extract shown above records 1 and 2 have flights orignating from the MIA airport. Each record includes the data about that airport. This data duplication causes the size of the flat file system to increase with unnecessary data. Not only is the originating airports data duplicated, the aircraft data is also duplicated for every flight on that days route.

The same is true for aircraft and carrier data. This leads us into the next disadvantage, difficulty updating records. As was mentioned in the last section there is a lot of duplicate data in the flat file. Imgaine when an update needs to be made to a piece of data. In the case of an airccraft we keep track of the last service date.

When and aircraft is serviced we will need to update every instance of that aircraft within the flat file. That would me traversing the entire data file and updating the last service date. Even with an automated update script it would be a time consuming and error-prone process.

This is just one use case where updates could be difficult. The same process would need to be applied for airport and carrier data. There would need to be multiple users accessing the data to process the amount of updates we would generate. Who would have access and how would we control it is the last disadvantage I would like to expand upon. Data housed within flat file systems is hard to restrict. Only file level restrictions can be applied in this type of configuration.

Individual records cannot be protected. A user who has access to the file has access to all of the records. In our system we need to restrict the level of access on a per flight basis. This would not be possible in a flat file system. My recommendation is that we keep our system as it currently configured. From screens within the airport terminals showing read only listings of flights to gate agents updating flight records our data is much more customizable to our needs in a RDBMS.

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But then, you can't afford to have all those nice features like concurrency, transactions and such things. Flat files are not scalable. In the example above, each subject that the pupil studies has to be entered as a separate record. It contains flat files that have no relation to other files when only one table is stored in single file, then this file is known as flat file. Know what a database is used for; Know the difference between a flat file database and a relational database ; Know the advantages and disadvantages of each; Know what a record and a field are; Know what a database application is; Understand how a text database is set up In simple terms, a File Management System FMS is a Database Management System that allows access to single files or tables at a time.

Skip to content. Relational files can be linked into more than one table than are linked from one to another. Sign up to Comment. Similar ICT resources: Databases. Databse Quiz.

A database is a collection of data, which is organized into files called tables. These tables provide a systematic way of accessing, managing, and updating data. A relational database is one that contains multiple tables of data that relate to each other through special key fields. Relational databases are far more flexible though harder to design and maintain than what are known as flat file databases, which contain a single table of data. To understand the advantages of a relational database, imagine the needs of two small companies that take customer orders for their products. Company A uses a flat file database with a single table named orders to record orders they receive, while Company B uses a relational database with two tables: orders and customers. When a customer places an order with Company A, a new record or row in the table orders is created.

The advantage of a flat-file database is that it is easy to understand and helps us to sort the results easily.

flat file database advantages and disadvantages

Write your boss a memo, outlining any concerns or hesitations you have about moving to this format for management of your data. Include the pros and cons of the relational database format and the flat file format. Be sure to think critically, and include any problematic use case scenarios.

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SQLite is a very popular database which has been successfully used with on disk file format for desktop applications like version control systems, financial analysis tools, media cataloging and editing suites, CAD packages, record keeping programs etc. The Windows Registry, however complex, is not relational. Create a flat file database to store simple information on a computer. Configuration files are often stored in XML Extended Markup Language , which is a flat file database with some quite specific delimiters, such as "greater than" and "less than" symbols. The problem is that some records some rows have the same ID number.

What Are the Limitations of Relational Databases in Business Applications?

Everyday things like business contacts, customer lists and so on can be stored and used in a flat file database. But they do have some serious disadvantages when it comes to more than a few thousand records.

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Flat File database

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Flat File vs Relational Database System Assignment

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Databases Relational over Flat File


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It keeps track of user data, stores logs and helps find information very quickly. Passwords are stored by UNIX and Linux in a flat file database along with.

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