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Laboratory glassware

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Background A laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

Scientific laboratories can be found in schools and universities, in industry, in government or military facilities, and even aboard ships and spacecraft. As a student of chemistry education, we will conduct laboratory experiments. We will learn a variety of lab work with a variety of tools.

Therefore we as a people will work using laboratory equipment must be familiar with the various tools available in the laboratory. Laboratory equipment or lab equipment is an important part of chemistry and science in general.

In this world there are a lot of equipment in chemical laboratories, each tool has a different function. It is important for us as a student of chemistry education to know each function lab equipment.

So we can to take an appropriately. In addition, knowing the function of each tool will help us to be more careful and avoid the use of workplace accidents. A number of items you will be using in the laboratory are shown in this paper. Not all of the equipment we will describe in this paper. There are laboratory equipment which often we see and use, there are never seen but have not been used, and there is that we have never seen and have never been used.

Problem Formulation 1. What are 5 tools that have been seen and have been used in the laboratory? What are 5 tools that have ever been seen but never used? What are 5 tools that have never seen and have never been used? Purpose rizkisungkar. To know 5 tools who has ever seen and has already been used in the laboratory. To know 5 tools who had ever seen but had never used. To know the 5 tools that have never seen and have never been used. Five tools that have been seen and have been used in the laboratory.

Erlenmeyer Flask Erlenmeyer Flasks Erlenmeyer flasks are equipment glass which use to analysis in the laboratory. Erlenmeyer flasks form of circle and cone on the top. Erlenmeyer flask not for measuring. The function of erlenmeyer flask among others : a. To quantified and mixed up material analysis b. To absorb solution c. To place kultivasi microba d. To titration place 2. Pippet Pippet Pippet form of small pipe which made from plastic or glass.

Under pippets are pointed and on the top closed of rubber. Pippet transfers relatively small amounts of liquid. In the most commonly used pipettes, experimenters draw liquid into one end of a glass or plastic cylinder by the prior squeezing of the rubber or plastic ball at the opposite end. The amount of liquid able to be drawn into the pipette is usually fixed, to rizkisungkar. The function of pippets are to displace solution from one place to other place with small quantity.

Test tube Test tube Test tube is a tube which made from plastic or glass that which can arrest conversion temperature and hold out to chemical reaction. Should be held with tongs, clamps or a ring-stand clamp never with your hands The function of test tube among others : a. The place to reaction of chemical material. To reaction within small quantity. The plece to propagation microba in liquid media.

Glass Funnel Glass Funnel A glass funnel is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem. It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Without a funnel, spillage would occur. The material used in its construction should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the substance being transferred, and it should not react with the substance.

The function of glass funnel are : 1. A funnel is used to aid in the transfer of liquids from one vessel to another, 2. In this case they usually have long sleeves and are made of an absorbent material, such as cotton, so that the user can be protected from the chemical.

Some lab coats have buttons at the end of the sleeves, to secure them around the wrist so that they do not hang into beakers of chemicals. Short-sleeved lab coats also exist where protection from substances such as acid is not necessary, and are favoured by certain scientists, such as microbiologists, avoiding the problem of hanging sleeves altogether, combined with the ease of washing the forearms an important consideration in microbiology.

Five the laboratory equipments which ever seen but never used 1. Safety googles Safety googles Goggles or safety glasses are forms of protective eyewear that usually enclose or protect the area surrounding the eye.

The function of safety googles are : 1. In chemistry laboratories to prevent flying particles from damaging the eyes like sparks, metal vapor, pollen, dust and fog. Bunsen Burner Bunsen Burner A Bunsen burner provides concentrated and adjustable heat for experiments. A tube connects the burner to the laboratory gas supply. When the Bunsen burner is lit, the flame can be adjusted using the air hole. Closing the air hole produces an easily visible, luminous flame is produced that is not good for heating.

It should be opened when the Bunsen burner is used to heat chemicals. A typical Bunsen burner, according to Practical Chemistry, employs a tube in which a gas such as methane mixes with air. Once that gas is lit, an air hole in the tube allows the user to adjust the size of the flame. Never put glassware into the flame, as the glass will weaken and then melt. The function are : 1. Spatula Spatula Spatula like a long spoon with a flat top edge, made of stainless steel or aluminium.

The function of spatula among others : 1. To take chemicals in the form of solids 2. Used stir the Solutions rizkisungkar. Wash bottle Wash Bottle Most wash bottles are made up of polyethylene, which is a flexible solvent-resistant petroleum-based plastic. Most bottles contain an internal dip tube allowing upright use. Wash bottles may be filled with a range of common laboratory solvents and reagents, according to the work carried out in that lab. These include: deionized water, detergent solutions and rinse solvents such as acetone, isopropanol or ethanol.

The function of wash bottle are : 1. Hot Hands Hot hands Hot hands made of rubber. The function of hot hands is to hold utility glass which still hot. Five tools that have never seen and have never been used 1. It has a beam which is supported by a fulcrum. On one side is a pan on which the object is placed. On the other side, the beam is split into three parallel beams , each supporting one weight. In measuring the weight of an object, rather than adding additional weights, each of the three weights can be slid along the beam to increase their lever arm.

It works just like a tetter-totter. If you have two people of unequal weight, the heavier person sits closer to the fulcrum to decrease their lever arm. The function of triple-beam balance are : 1. Used to measure mass 2. Moving the weight farther from the pan increases the leverage.

Be sure to zero the balance for each mass. Use paper to keep materials from sticking to the balance pan. Buchner Funnel Bucher Funnel Bucher funnel is traditionally made of porcelain, but glass and plastic funnels are also available. The main advantage in using this type of filtration is that it proceeds much more quickly several orders of magnitude than simply allowing the solvent to drain through the filter rizkisungkar.

It is essential that the amount of solvent being used be limited to less than what would overflow the flask, otherwise the solvent will be drawn into the vacuum equipment.

Laboratory Equipments

Showing top 8 worksheets in the category - Laboratory Apparatus. Lab Equipment worksheets can help our students learn science, by slowly introducing the items that are utilized in a lab. Helpful tips for this is a flat bottom flasks and do to a more! Wire gauze helps make sense of laboratory tasks in the following pieces of accuracy of kids! Pinch from the chem lab equipment worksheet is a confined area of solutions commonly used in mind while using at the quality These free worksheets help students learn proper lab safety techniques, laboratory equipment, and their proper usage.

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Laboratory glassware refers to a variety of equipment used in scientific work, and traditionally made of glass. Glass can be blown, bent, cut, molded, and formed into many sizes and shapes, and is therefore common in chemistry , biology , and analytical laboratories. Many laboratories have training programs to demonstrate how glassware is used and to alert first—time users to the safety hazards involved with using glassware. The history of glassware dates back to the Phoenicians who fused obsidian together in campfires making the first glassware. Glassware evolved as other ancient civilizations including the Syrians, Egyptians, and Romans refined the art of glassmaking. The art of glassmaking in 16th century Venice was refined to the point intricate shapes could be made.

Be able to identify the name of each piece of equipment, as well as its function or use in the laboratory. Name. Picture. Use. Ring stand. Supports the bunsen.

Basic Laboratory Glassware and Equipment

Cooling Solutions by LabTech Even if water is one of the most precious and scarce resources, it is still largely used as coolant in many laboratories. Most of the water used as coolant is not recycled, involving higher and higher laboratory costs. LabTech offers a complete line of recirculating water chillers to virtually match all laboratory needs. Innovation Inspired LabTech develops and produces innovative temperatutre control instruments. LabTech instruments are used whenever high precise temperature control and rapid temperature changes are required.

Laboratory services are provided in a variety of settings: physicians offices, clinics, hospitals, and regional and national referral centers. Laboratories used for scientific research take many forms because of the differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science and engineering. A physics laboratory might contain a particle accelerator or vacuum chamber , while a metallurgy laboratory could have apparatus for casting or refining metals or for testing their strength. A chemist or biologist might use a wet laboratory , while a psychologist's laboratory might be a room with one-way mirrors and hidden cameras in which to observe behavior.

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A List of Chemistry Laboratory Apparatus and Their Uses

Lab Equipment

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Lab equipment worksheet

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