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A Remote Sensing Based Vegetation Classification Logic for Global Land Cover Analysis

This classification scheme, and its basis on easily acquired, global, remotely sensed data, is a crucial step towards characterizing the Earth's biosphere for incorporation into global circulation models GCMs. An efficient means of representing the variety of the world's land vegetation types has been a stumbling block in the ongoing efforts to model the Earth's biosphere and its interaction with climate.

To date, such representations have either been too coarse desert, rainforest, etc. Coarse representations do not allow a sophisticated model to portray accurately the effects of climate change on the system; too-specific representations are difficult to construct for the entire globe. Further, such representations do not allow variable seasonal responses to be taken into account, and do not easily follow climatically induced changes in the extent of the ecosystems.

The new classification is based on fundamental, morphological aspects of the vegetation, such as leaf shape needle or broad and leaf longevity annual or perennial.

This simplicity represents a new step in the characterizations of vegetation and ecosystems. It is designed to be easily assessed from spaceborne sensor.

Changes in the extent of various ecosystems represented by the classification are also easily monitored, since the satellite gathers data on a daily basis and the data are available for a span of several years.

Further, it is a classification that lends itself more easily to conversion into true biomass measurements, such as leaf area index and total biomass. More detailed breakdowns of ecosystems or vegetation types, if necessary, may be built upon this basic classification.

As it stands, however, the classification shows promise for being simple enough for inclusion in next-generation global circulation models, yet accurate and flexible enough to well-represent the majority of the Earth's vegetative diversity.

An month database was used for this initial test assessment of the classification scheme over the United States see Loveland et al. The classification is based on looking at time-series of bi-weekly composite images of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI , a data product derived from band 1 0. The month span of the data set allowed assessment of leaf longevity over a full annual cycle.

Monitoring the extent of these vegetation types, and the ecosystems and biomass they represent, will be a fundamental use of upcoming data sets derived from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer MODIS in the EOS era. Running, S. Loveland, L.

Pierce, R. Nemani, and E. Hunt, Jr. Remote Sensing of Environment. It is designed to be easily assessed from spaceborne sensor platforms, and is therefore easily gathered across the entire globe.

References Running, S.

Remote Sensing of Environment

Land degradation is a complex process which involves both the natural ecosystem and the socioeconomic system, among which climate and land use changes are the two predominant driving factors. To comprehensively and quantitatively analyze the land degradation process, this paper employed the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI as a proxy to assess land degradation and further applied the binary panel logit regression model to analyze the impacts of the driving factors on land degradation in the North China Plain. The results revealed that an increase in rainfall and temperature would significantly and positively contribute to the land improvement, and conversion from cultivated land to grassland and forest land showed positive relationship with land improvement, while conversion to built-up area will lead to land degradation. Besides, human agricultural intensification represented by fertilizer utilization will help to improve the land quality. The economic development may exert positive impacts on land quality to alleviate land degradation, although the rural economic development and agricultural production will exert negative impacts on the land and lead to land degradation. Infrastructure construction would modify the land surface and further resulted in land degradation.

Land Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change. NASA's Earth Kohei Arai, Kurtis Thome, Akira Iwasaki, Stuart Biggar. Pages PDF.

Population Data and Global Environmental Change

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Global environmental change remains a constant theme that resonates worldwide.

Land Remote Sensing and Global Environmental Change

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In , the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme HDP of the International Social Science Council charged its Working Group 3 on Demographic Data to inventory demographic data currently available; evaluate their adequacy for global environmental change research; recommend improvements in currently available data; and consider additional types of demographic data that may be needed. The resulting report highlighted the need for different databases at different levels of spatial resolution as high as 1 square kilometer , the importance of developing time series data at the different resolutions, and the desirability of unrestricted distribution of these data sets for scientific purposes. The report specifically recommended efforts to make available an existing georeferenced population database developed by the U. Bureau of the Census for the U. Department of Defense and other intelligence agencies.

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Analysis of Climate and Land Use Changes Impacts on Land Degradation in the North China Plain

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