Secure And Efficient Broadcast Authentication In Wireless Sensor Networks Pdf

secure and efficient broadcast authentication in wireless sensor networks pdf

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Published: 23.06.2021

The wireless communication technology gaining importance in extreme conditions in a very effective way due to its benefits.

Yasmin, Rehana An efficient authentication framework for wireless sensor networks. University of Birmingham. The low cost and immunity from cabling have become motivations for many applications of WSNs, for instance, the forest fire alarm, the intelligent traffic system etc.

On Broadcast Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks WSN are the new speed-accelerating technologies worldwide and are used continuously in a range of critical applications. Any damage or compromise to data security could have physical and direct effects on network efficiency and safety. One of the active areas of research is key management, authentication, and trust management in wireless sensor networks WSN. Since researchers have provided many protection schemes, it is difficult to select which key management or trust management schemes in a specific WSN application suit best. We did a detailed survey in our paper on how the properties of various trust management, authentication, and key management schemes can be used for specific applications. Based on this review, we present the methodologies, advantages, and limitations of the previously proposed key management, authentication, and trust management scheme in WSN. The goal of this thorough analysis is to compare and find the correct security solution that successfully meets the requirements of the application.

A wide range of IoT applications have already been deployed, such as transportation systems, healthcare systems, smart buildings, smart factories, and smart cities. Researchers have published effective but not entirely secure approaches for merging WSNs into IoT environments. In IoT environments, the security effectiveness of remote user authentication is crucial for information transmission. Computational efficiency and energy consumption are crucial because the energy available to any WSN is limited. This paper proposes a notably efficient and secure authentication scheme based on temporal credential and dynamic ID for WSNs in IoT environments. Cryptanalysis revealed that our scheme can overcome the security weaknesses of previously published schemes. The security functionalities and performance efficiency of our scheme are compared with those of previous related schemes.


Raja Rajeswari, V. Wireless sensor networks WSNs consist of lightweight devices with low cost, low power, and short-ranged wireless communication. The sensors can communicate with each other to form a network. In WSNs, broadcast transmission is widely used along with the maximum usage of wireless networks and their applications. Hence, it has become crucial to authenticate broadcast messages.

Wireless sensor network

Broadcast authentication is a fundamental security primitive in wireless sensor networks WSNs , which is a critical sensing component of IoT. Although symmetric-key-based TESLA protocol has been proposed, some concerns about the difficulty of predicting the network lifecycle in advance and the security problems caused by an overlong long hash chain still remain. Furthermore, the reinitializable hash chain constructed in SRHC-TD is proved to be secure and has less computation and communication overhead compared with typical solutions, and efficient storage is realized based on AdlCBF, which can also defend against DoS attacks. With the rapid development of Internet of Things IoT and 5G technology, the number of sensing terminals, such as various sensor nodes and tiny IoT devices, has also increased dramatically [ 1 — 3 ].

An efficient authentication framework for wireless sensor networks

The dissemination would thus help the industries, professional organisations to adopt and apply the information for creating new knowledge and enterprise.

Energy-efficient and secure mobile node reauthentication scheme for mobile wireless sensor networks

Metrics details. Several mobile node reauthentication schemes based on symmetric key cryptography have been proposed to efficiently handle frequent reauthentication. However, due to security weaknesses such as unconditional forwarding or low-compromise resilience, these schemes do not satisfy the security requirements of MWSNs. ESMR prevents unconditional forwarding by allowing a foreign cluster head to authenticate mobile nodes, providing high-compromise resilience because it limits the use of cryptographic keys for different purposes. Security analysis shows that ESMR meets security requirements and can prevent relevant security attacks.

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Comparative Study on Various Authentication Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Comparative Study on Various Authentication Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Wireless sensor network WSN refers to a group of spatially dispersed and dedicated sensors for monitoring and recording the physical conditions of the environment and organizing the collected data at a central location.

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