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Sons and Lovers

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S i n g hrelations with each other as well as other people. Lawrence's basic idea in "Sons and Lovers" is that of the relationship of Mrs. Morel and her sons, especially Paul Morel. Their relationship is so strong that it does not let Paul form a concrete and meaningful relationship with any other women in his life. Lawrence's own letter written to Edward Garnett in explains what the novel is about:"It follows this idea: a woman of character and refinement goes into the lower class, and has no satisfaction in her own life.

She has had a passion for her husband, so the children are born of passion, and have heaps of vitality. But as her sons grow up she selects them as loversfirst the eldest, then the second. These sons are urged into life by their reciprocal love of their mother-urged on and on.

But when they come to manhood, they can't love, because their mother is the strongest power in their lives, and holds them. As soon as the young men come into contact with women, there's a split. William gives his sex to a fribble, and his mother holds his soul. But the split kills him, because he doesn't know where he is. The next son gets a woman who fights for his soul-fights his mother.

The son loves the mother-all the sons hate and are jealous of the father. The battle goes on between the mother and the girl, with the son as object. The mother gradually proves stronger, because of the tie of blood. The son decides to leave his soul in his mother's hands, and, like his elder brother, go for passion. He gets passion. Then the split begins to tell again. But, almost unconsciously, the mother realises what is the matter, and begins to die.

The son casts off his mistress, attends to his mother dying. He is left in the end naked of everything, with the drift towards death. It is a great tragedy, and I tell you I've written a great book. It's the tragedy of thousands of young men in England.

The story of the novel is based on Lawrence's own life and therefore many critics categorize it as an auto-biographical novel. Michael Bell writes about the auto-biographical element of the novel in his essay "A Restrained, Somewhat Impersonal Novel": "Sons and Lovers was the first of Lawrence's novels in which a motive of self-understanding became paramount. In this book Lawrence gave fictional expression to the intense relationship with his own mother which had, in its possessiveness, checked his capacity in early manhood, or before meeting Frieda Weekley, to give himself fully to another woman.

As is well known, the figure of Miriam Leivers is closely based on his own girlfriend of adolescence, Jessie Chambers. The first part is focused mostly on Mrs. Morel's life and her marital relations with Walter Morel. The second part of the novel is focused on Paul Morel's life, relationships and his innermost emotions and thoughts. In this paper, the focus will be on the various elements of Modernism that come across in 'Sons and Lovers'.

Shift from the Realist modeThe use of the third person omniscient narrator in the novel is indicative of the realist mode of writing which was used in the 19 th century novels. But Lawrence's deviations from this mode are apparent when the perspective is shifted from one character to another, unlike the realist novel where the perspective remains on a single central character. Although the story is about Paul but Paul is not even born yet when the novel begins.

The beginning chapters are focused on Gertrude Morel's life and her viewpoint. In the second half of the novel, Lawrence focuses on Paul Morel and his innermost thoughts, consciousness.

This part of the novel is an indicator of Lawrence's shift from realism to new forms. Rather than monolithic realism, a fluid interaction of styles animates and sustains an expressive image of life. Some critics do not put Lawrence's works into the category of high modernist writers like Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf etc. About this Jack Stewart writes: 4 S i n g h "But to take Sons and Lovers as simply "realistic" is to neglect much of the novel's richness -or to expand the concept of realism beyond recognizable limits.

These styles are used by Lawrence in 'Sons and Lovers' to move beyond the realm of simple realism and to provide a more artistic and wholesome view about the deeper innermost thoughts and consciousness of the characters and the surroundings. Discussion of Sexual RelationsThe novel also addresses the issues of passion, sexual desires and sexual wholesomeness.

The 19 th century realist novels held back on the notion of sexuality because it was considered immoral and sexuality was repressed by religious authorities. Lawrence addresses this issue of sexuality through his novel. Paul is not able to have a successful relationship with Miriam because she is inclined towards religion and considers the sexual act as a sin. Even when Paul persuades her to engage in the sexual act with him, she agrees reluctantly. Paul is not able to get sexual gratification from Miriam, which causes a crisis in their relationship and he is attracted towards Clara Dawes, a suffragette, feminist women separated from her husband.

They develop a very passionate relationship which is mostly sexual in nature. There is no love on deeper level between Clara and Paul. Ultimately Clara leaves Paul and goes back to her husband and her relationship with Paul comes to an end, leaving Paul devastated.

Thus, Lawrence expresses his view on sexuality by showing that neither an entirely spiritual nor an entirely sexual relationship between couples can be successful. Sex is portrayed as something which is serious, normal and is the central concern of human life. Paul's relationship with Miriam is a recognition that without sex, marriage would not be successful. Paul's passion for Clara is serious and central to his growth and there is power and mystery in sexual passion. Paul's dissatisfaction with Miriam and partial satisfaction with Clara tells about the assertion of life of body.

S i n g hLawrence's openness in discussing sexual relations in "Sons and Lovers" was a very new and bold move for the time. Many people labelled it as obscene due its depiction of an overtly sexual attraction between Paul and his mother, Mrs. This relation between mother and son was not depicted in any of the realist novels and is a significant departure from the realist tradition. When she accompanies Paul to the interview for his first job, at Jordan's factory, she behaves "like a sweetheart" and both of them feel "the excitement of lovers having an adventure together".

If we're unsure what to make of the kiss, the drunken Walter Morel, returning home, leaves us in no doubt: "At your mischief again? In the aftermath, father and son nearly come to blows. But Mrs Morel forestalls them by fainting, and while Paul comforts and revives her Walter stumbles off to bed.

Morrison; The relationship of mother and son is similar to that described by Sigmund Freud, a psychologist, in his theory of the Oedipus complex. But Lawrence had not read Freud's work while writing Sons and Lovers and he himself dismissed the idea that his novel was based on the Oedipus complex theory.

However Lawrence dealt with the concept of the son's attraction towards his mother and the casting away of father Walter Morel , which was labelled as Oedipus complex by Freud.

Freud's psychoanalysis had a major influence on the modernist writers. Lawrence's awareness about the changing times in the modern world is evident from his implementation of the Oedipus complex theory in his novel, without being aware of it. Use of Symbolism S i n g hIn the novel numerous symbolisms have been used by Lawrence.

Symbols such as light symbolizes rational, daily, routine life and is most associated with Mrs. Darkness symbolizes the phenomenon and mystery of existence as well as the human subconscious and brute instinct. This quality is demonstrated in Walter Morel who works in the dark mines. According to Lawrence, light and dark were essential to one another. Darkness has a special symbolic effectiveness throughout the novel. It adds tragic poise to various scenes and symbolizes the darkness of death.

When Williams' body is brought back home, the Morels gravely bring the long, heavy casket out of the dark night and into the candle lit parlour. At the end of the novel Paul walks away from the dark, deserted country fields -towards the bright city lights.

This has been interpreted as Paul's walking away from death, towards life. Blood is another important symbol having great significance throughout the novel. The following is one such example:-"The whole of his blood seemed to burst in to flames and he could scarcely breathe There were flashed in his blood". Lawrence; These lines refer to the passion felt for Miriam by Paul as they walked side by side.

Blood also makes its presence felt when Walter Morel throws an object with violence at Gertrude Morel and some blood shedding takes place: "He Walter Morel was turning drearily away, when he saw a drop of blood fall from the averted wound into the baby's fragile, glistening hair.

Fascinated he watched the heavy dark drop hang in the glistening cloud, and pull down the gossamer. Another drop fell. It would soak through the baby's scalp. He watched, fascinated, feeling it soak in; then, finally, his manhood broke.

Flowers have a role in revealing the psychological traits of the characters, and even the skies very symbolically change colours according to the characters' moods. It turns red when Mrs.

Morel is upset and angry and black when there is a foreshadowing of death and distress.

Sons and Lovers

That Sons and Lovers is more than the story of Paul Morel is established from the beginning, since the early scenes, perhaps the finest in the novel. A short summary of D. When she finally dies, he is broken-hearted and, after a final plea from Miriam, goes off alone at the end of the novel. Test your knowledge Take the. About Sons and Lovers D. It is considered to be one of the most important and innovative novels of the twentieth century.


Show all documents A Stylistic Analysis of D. Vibrant colors are used to describe the flowers as well as the skies. Some examples of the adjectives of color which add a rich imagery to his text and a sense of vividness and exactness are: white barley , yellow oats , red wheat , green root crops. Lawrence very effectively uses adjectives of color when he describes nature.

Sons and Lovers as an Autobiographical Novel. Sons and Lovers is an autobiographical novel , much of which is taken from Lawrence's own early life in the midland coal-mining village of Eastwood. The experience of Lawrence and Paul overlaps a lot. The autobiographical setting of Bestwood has a close resemblance with Eastwood, the place here Lawrence grew up as a child. Lawrence was born at a mining village in Nottinghamshire.

H Lawrence in The sexual wholesomeness and passion of characters, rebellious female characters, breakdown of family unit and focus on art makes the novel modernist. Written in the 20 th century the novel retains elements of 19 th century realism and explores the modernist form of writing which was making its way after the First World War. The realists portrayed real and everyday situation in contemporary settings with truth and accuracy, they did not avoid the unpleasant and unhygienic conditions. Realism often reflected the changes brought by industrial and commercial revolution.

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Sons And Lovers As A Modern Novel Pdf

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D. H. Lawrence's autobiographical novel Sons and Lovers () take up the Bildungsroman and create a distinctly modern iteration of the genre that.

Sons And Lovers As A Modern Novel Pdf

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Sons and Lovers

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