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The ancient Greek economy is somewhat of an enigma. Given the remoteness of ancient Greek civilization, the evidence is minimal and difficulties of interpretation abound. Ancient Greek civilization flourished from around to 30 B.

Echos du monde classique: Classical views

Beyond the obvious points of convergence, these two disciplines have often followed parallel or even divergent courses. As such, the first major narratives about the economy of ancient societies were constructed with the almost complete omission of archaeological data. This indifference has even been openly admitted by historians who were otherwise mindful of a holistic approach to ancient societies M. Finley, E. This context appears to have changed in the s, when a number of themes common to historical and archaeological inquiries were explored: for example, research on landscape in several Mediterranean regions Greece, Italy, North Africa.

Moses I. Finley

The Ancient Economy is a book about the economic system of classical antiquity written by the classicist Moses I. It was originally published in Finley interprets the economy from BC to AD sociologically, instead of using economic models like for example Michael Rostovtzeff. Finley attempted to prove that the ancient economy was largely a byproduct of status. In other words, economic systems were not interdependent, they were embedded in status positions.

Sir Moses I. His most notable work is The Ancient Economy , where he argued that status and civic ideology governed the economy in antiquity rather than rational economic motivations. He was educated at Syracuse University and Columbia University. Although his M. He invoked the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer.

Sir Moses Finley has long been noted for his ability to bridge the disciplines of history and sociology, a rare talent which explains why his work is not only in the​.


Wiedemal should also find a place in the highschool library; more advanced students will welcome his collection of evidence as a handy tool. In , in his review of Westermann's Pauly article, Finley concluded to paraphrase crudely the elegant phrasing quoted in his new book on 55 that it was long on data and short on theory. We in turn may now hope for a more substantial synthesis in which Sir Moses will support theoret ical s t ruc ture wi th richer documen ta t ion. Happily, the author of The Ancient Economy could portray Greek slavery in its full context.

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Economy and Society in Ancient Greece, by M.I. Finley. Book review


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