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Electronic Devices and Circuits, 1/e

This book provides detailed fundamental treatment of the underlying physics and operational characteristics of most commonly used semi-conductor devices, covering diodes and bipolar transistors, opto-electronic devices, junction field-effect transistors, and MOS transistors. In addition, basic circuits utilising diodes, bipolar transistors, and field-effect transistors are described, and examples are presented which give a good idea of typical performance parameters and the associated waveforms. A brief history of semiconductor devices is included so that the student develops an appreciation of the major technological strides that have made todays IC technology possible. Important concepts are brought out in a simple and lucid manner rather than simply stating them as facts. Numerical examples are included to illustrate the concepts and also to make the student aware of the typical magnitudes of physical quantities encountered in practical electronic circuits. Wherever possible, simulation results are included in order to present a realistic picture of device operation.

Electronic Devices And Circuits

Save extra with 2 Offers. It introduces to the readers electronic circuit analysis and design techniques with emphasis on the operation and use of semiconductor devices. It covers principles of operation, the characteristics and applications of fundamental electronic devices such as p-n junction diodes, bipolar junction transistors BJTs , and field effect transistors FETs , and special purpose diodes and transistors. In its second edition, the book includes a new chapter on special purpose devices. What distinguishes this text is that it explains the concepts and applications of the subject in such a way that even an average student will be able to understand working of electronic devices, analyze, design and simulate electronic circuits.

Electronic Devices And Circuits book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Detailed theory, operation and application of device.

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Microwave Engineering By Gsn Raju Free Pdf Books

Electronic Devices and Circuits-G. Raju Detailed theory, operation and application of devices and circuits objective type question and answers solved problems exercise problems with solution manual 27 experiments Power consumption details Electronic Devices and Circuits. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Basic Electronic Devices And Circuits (PHI Learning)

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Author: G. S. N. Raju; Title of the Book: Electronics Devices and Circuits; Publisher: The pdf only contains the Scilab code for the solved examples in the book.

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