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Though there are several criteria or principles to measure the economic development, yet none provides a satisfactory and universally acceptable index of economic development.

Development: an analysis of concepts, measurement and indicators. Jair Soares Jr. Quintella II. I E-mail address: jairsoaresjr yahoo.

Unit 1 Conceptualising Development

Economic development is the process of improving economic welfare in an economy. For example, an undeveloped economy will be primarily based on agriculture and very limited social services such as health care and education. Economic development involves an increase in real incomes, higher life expectancy, lower poverty and a greater provision of basic amenities. To measure rates of economic development for low-income countries it examines education, life expectancy, rates of absolute poverty and access to health care and safe drinking water. GPI starts with GDP as its base but also takes into account environmental and social factors such as. In other words, higher GDP does not automatically lead to economic development because the costs of growth become as high as the benefits.

As economic growth and economic development work on different areas of the economy, their respective progress is measured in different ways. Measuring economic growth and development comes with unique criteria for each. Below, we explore how each process is measured to determine accurate results and measuring the growth of an economy, as well as how to measure the intangible factors that are related to economic development. The Gross Domestic Product GDP is a measure of the market value of goods and services provided by a country over a period of time, often one year or one quarter. The GDP is calculated by estimating the gross output of goods and services by the country, and subtracting the intermediate consumption the cost of materials and services used to produce the goods or services sold. Growth is not indicated by the GDP itself, but rather growth is determined by the percentage in increase of the GDP from one time period to another.

Measuring Economic Growth and Development

We have started our discussion of development by addressing very broad issues relating to the concept of development. However, much of the literature and thinking about 'development' focuses on economics. Indeed 'development' and 'economic development' have often been treated as synonymous concepts. The economic development of a country or society is usually associated with amongst other things rising incomes and related increases in consumption , savings, and investment. Of course, there is far more to economic development than income growth; for if income distribution is highly skewed, growth may not be accompanied by much progress towards the goals that are usually associated with economic development.

GDP Is Not a Measure of Human Well-Being

GDP was not designed to assess welfare or the well being of citizens. It was designed to measure production capacity and economic growth. A number of countries, including India, are paving the way.

Economic growth is the increase in the market value of goods and services produced by an economy over time; the percentage rate of increase in the GDP. Economic growth is defined as the increase in the market value of goods and services produced by an economy over time. It is usually measured as a percentage rate of increase in the real gross domestic product.

Economic growth is an increase in the production of goods and services over a specific period. To be most accurate, the measurement must remove the effects of inflation. Economic growth creates more profit for businesses. As a result, stock prices rise. As more jobs are created, incomes rise.

Indicators of economic development

Measurement of Economic Development

This paper presents a new analytical framework for assessing spatial disparities among countries. Furthermore, an exploration of the trajectory that each country has registered over time along a virtuous path will be offered. One of the most interesting conclusions concerns the inability of most countries to turn the higher educational skills of the population into greater economic performance over time. In addition, our analysis also shows that making an accurate picture record and formulating related policy aiming at environmental care is highly desirable. It is surprising that only a few countries have reached a favourable economic and environmental performance simultaneously. This publication addresses the hypothesis that GNP or GDP per capita cannot be considered as the only indicator of the performance of a country because it does not capture the overall well-being of population. Nevertheless, it has become rather common to rank the performance of countries or regions by assessing their levels of development or growth in terms of GDP.

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The Measurement of Economic, Social and Environmental Performance of Countries: A Novel Approach

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economic system has a process of economic growth, development or underdevelopment. The application of the model is provided for regions and.

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