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This book explores the relationship between tourism and development and establishes a conceptual link between the interconnected disciplines of tourism studies and development studies. This new edition includes updated chapters drawing on contemporary knowledge as well as 5 new chapters that consider emergent themes in tourism and development.

Sustainable tourism

Globalization, which is characterized by the escalating mobility of capital, people, ideas and information on a universal scale, has become a sweeping theme in the contemporary world. Tourism and its associated economic activities are evidently not immune to such a wider context of the world economy. In the past one or two decades, a stable increase has been witnessed in international tourist flows, inter-regional and inter-organizational alliances, and foreign direct investment.

These trends are especially prevalent in the developing world, largely because of their pristine nature, diverse culture, inexpensive goods and services, cheap labours, and other resources. However, it has been cautioned by some scholars, especially those from the Third World countries, that tourism is an industry run by and for the rich, more powerful nations and their corresponding multinational corporations.

This article, from the perspective of political economy, supplemented with views from development studies, made a normative analysis on the impacts of the globalization of tourism on the Third World destination countries. Specifically, these impacts have been detailed in terms of economic, sociocultural, and ecological domains. It was demonstrated that without appropriate planning and management, the costs of Third World tourism development may accrue to the extent that its benefits are burned out.

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Tourism and Development 2 edition edited by R Sharpley

This book contains a collection of articles by leading experts in international tourism. It broadly covers the tourism business as well as the development of tourism. It documents the different views and paradigms on tourism development in an in-depth manner. In addition to discussing the concepts, scope and nature of the tourism business, the book includes a diverse commentary on: The development of tourism in the 21st century; Emerging models in international tourism; Challenges faced in emerging markets of East Europe, India and China; Impact of Internet and online markets on the travel industry; Changing human resource practices and contributions by the informal sector; The importance of tourism as a source of economic development; The dynamics of the global tourist and corporate traveller; Ecotourism, exotic destinations and experiential tourism; Fundamental issues in leisure, recreation and tourism. This book endeavours to a critical approach within a multi-disciplinary framework to relook at the complex phenomenon of tourism development. The unusual intellectual freedom of the scholars is clearly demonstrated throughout this book.

This book explores and challenges the relationship between tourism and development and establishes a conceptual link between the discrete.

Tourism and Development: Concepts and Issues

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Thus, sustainable development requires for the world viewed as a system -one which connects space; and one that connects time WCED However, the scope of sustainable development is much wider than just the environment SDC

Essay, 2014

Ziaee, M. Journal of Tourism Planning and Development , 7 24 , Mahmood Ziaee; Diako Abbasi. Journal of Tourism Planning and Development , 7, 24, , Journal of Tourism Planning and Development , ; 7 24 : Toggle navigation.

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Globalization of tourism and third world tourism development

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Tourism Planning in Developing Countries: Review of Concepts and Sustainability Issues

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Concepts of Sustainable Development in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

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Tourism and Development Concepts and IssuesTourism and Development Concepts and Issues Edited by Richard Sharpley and David J. Telfer.

Dexter L.


Tourism and Development. Concepts and Issues. In: Aspects of Tourism, Edited by: Richard Sharpley and David J. Telfer. Channel View Publications |



Sustainable tourism is the tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic , social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.



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