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A supervisor , or also known as foreman , boss, overseer , facilitator , monitor , area coordinator , or sometimes gaffer , is the job title of a low level management position that is primarily based on authority over a worker or charge of a workplace. Supervision , on the other hand, can be performed by people without this formal title, for example by parents.

Supervisor job description

This concept of an internal responsibility system is based on the principle that workplace parties are in the best position to identify health and safety problems and to develop solutions. Joint health and safety committee members and health and safety representatives also have roles to play in the workplace. Ideally, the internal responsibility system involves everyone in health and safety, from the company chief executive officer to the worker. How well the system works depends upon whether there is a complete, unbroken chain of responsibility and accountability for health and safety. Safe work contributes to efficiency, profitability and lower WSIB premiums. This primer will help you understand your role and the role of others in protecting workers from harm. A physical demands analysis PDA is a systematic procedure to quantify and evaluate the physical, cognitive, and environmental demands of the essential and non-essential tasks of a job.

Construction site safety supervisors have the responsibility of keeping construction sites or workplaces safe for workers. In a situation whereby a work-related accident occurs, the safety supervisor will have to carry out an investigation so as to determine the primary cause s of the accident. When hiring for the role of a construction site safety supervisor, most employers will expect you to meet the following requirements and qualifications to be able to access the job and offered an interview appointment:. You will find the sample job description for the construction site safety supervisor position provided in this post useful if you are an employer in the process of hiring for the role. You will be able to produce a great and precise description for the position in your organization easily and vividly too by making use of the content of this post, and that will enhance your chances of getting the best-qualified candidates applying for the job.

For more, see Urgent Support and Reporting. You are directly responsible for the safety and health of employees and other workers that you direct or supervise. Here are your roles and responsibilities:. A strong workplace safety culture is established and supported at the highest level and throughout all of the BC Public Service. Workplace health and safety concerns all employees in the workplace. Their roles include.

Site Supervisor Job Description

Gualardo, Samuel J. In organizations that attain safety and health performance excellence, senior managers, middle managers, first line supervisors and safety professionals are equally engaged in the management of safety and health. Their roles, responsibilities, and activities are clearly defined and executed with zeal and precision. This paper will discuss how management effectively manages safety and health in the safest companies in the US and abroad. Before we explore the roles that need to be embraced to improve safety performance, we need to review some cold hard facts about effective safety management. First, effective safety management isn't about preventing accidents… it's really about line management learning how to better manage their workforce and workplace. If line managers and supervisors learn and execute some very basic Management concepts, safety performance is among one of many aspects of the business they manage that will improve.

Construction Site Safety Supervisor Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Jump to navigation. This page describes roles and responsibilities for each. In most departments, these roles will be filled by more than one individual; in smaller departments, one person may fill two or even all three roles. The larger and more complex the department multiple units, buildings, programs and activities, widely disbursed geographically , the more consideration should be given to adding assistant safety officers..

Below is a list of topics helpful in getting ready for casework supervision. Included with each topic are:. This page contains links to Adobe PDF documents.

Safety Supervisor Resume Samples

Safety supervisors are responsible for a wide variety of tasks associated with maintaining a safe workplace.

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Supervisor & Executive Safety Roles & Responsibilities

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Ensure injured workers are offered modified duties and documentation has been completed. Monitor and follow up on modified workers in the field. Ensure Safety Advisors are verifying field staff training and competencies; consult the project management team and Regional Safety Manager for compliance and action plan.



Headline : Certified, Safety Technician Nccer Osha 30 Cpr Aed energetic safety tech who stays current with safety and osha standards bilingual english Spanish fluent read and write, Motivated with strong organizational and prioritization abilities.

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Support the HSE Manager and team with planning, coordinating and implementing of effective HSE policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure that the department objectives are met. Provide support to Project and Operation team in all aspects of safety, occupational health, safety and environmental issues.