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The camp featured top players from across the country in the and classes. Edwards High School — OH.

The camp featured top players from across the country in the and classes. Edwards High School — OH. Coach Showalter has been coaching with USA basketball since

Pick and Roll Drills

This is true from youth basketball all the way up to the NBA level. Many coaches are missing out important details when teaching their players how to execute the screen and roll. An offensive player without the basketball sets a screen for the player with the basketball. The player with the basketball reads the defenders and dribbles off the screen looking to attack and create a shot for themselves or another player on the team. After screening, the screener rolls to the rim looking to catch the basketball and finish inside.

The final three steps focus on the execution of the pick and roll. These require the offensive players to read the defense and make the correct decisions based on how the screen is defended. The first step for an effective pick and roll is for the dribbler to create separation between themselves and the on-ball defender. If the on-ball defender is too close, then it will be easy for them to lock on and trail over the screen without being put at too much of a disadvantage.

If they are in the process of dribbling, a quick jab and crossover or inside-out dribble will be enough to make the on-ball defender take a step back in preparation to defend the drive. The second step to an effective pick and roll is for the screener to create as much separation as possible between themselves and their defender before setting the on-ball screen.

Without good help, the dribbler is often open for the shot or will be attacking a defender who is still closing out to the basketball. When an offensive player is going to set the screen, they should explode towards the position of the screen to get an extra step or two on their opponent.

In fact, smart players are able to nudge their opponent off-balance without committing an offensive foul before exploding to the ball to create further separation. Too often we see screeners casually jogging or even walking towards the screening position allowing their opponent to establish help position early.

The angle that the screen is set on is arguably the most important part of the pick and roll yet is often overlooked by most coaches. If you take anything at all from this article, let it be that you focus more on the angle your players are setting on-ball screens.

This will force the on-ball defender to fight over the screen and will lead the dribbler in the direction of the basket. Most of the players I currently see at a youth level will set the screen with their back facing the sideline. This makes it difficult for the defender to slip under the screen and will give the dribbler and offense a big advantage when attacking the paint to create a scoring opportunity. The final part of preparing for the pick and is for the screener to make contact when setting the screen.

This requires them to hunt out the on-ball defender, focus on the correct angle, and then make contact as they set a strong screen.

The reason making contact is beneficial when performing the pick and roll is that it leaves no room for the defender to maneuver around the screen. This rule also prevents young players from setting a screen on an area instead of seeking out one of the defenders which can be a big problem for young teams. When dribbling off the screen, the dribbler must drive by the screener shoulder-to-shoulder and use at least two dribbles to create separation and see how the defense reacts.

If an obvious pass or shot appears sooner, players can take it. But in most situations, two dribbles is preferred. The 1 cause of illegal screens is because the dribbler is impatient and attacks too early. Once the on-ball defender has fought past the stationary screen, the screener must then cut to the rim looking to catch a pass and score inside. This involves the screener sealing off the on-ball defender by reverse pivoting using the foot closest to the rim as the pivot foot.

Instead, they turn their back on the dribbler for a split second and simply turn and run to the rim looking for the basketball. The final step of the pick and roll is for the dribbler to read the defense and make the correct decision. This could be to attack the rim, pass to the roll player, or dribble in and kick the basketball out to the outside shooters or players cutting to the rim.

This option involves the dribbler using the screen, planting the outside foot as they see the defender hedge out, and then pushing the basketball through as they explode towards the rim. If performed properly, this action will commonly lead to a layup or a pass out to an open player on the perimeter. This ensures that the on-ball defender will be trailing the play providing that the screen was set at the correct angle and the dribbler has attacked shoulder-to-shoulder.

This is the most common action in the pick and roll and will force the other defenders to help leading to a pass out to a teammate or the dribbler attacking the rim. If they do, it provides the dribbler with a great opportunity to explode in the opposite direction of the screen towards the hoop. This will often catch the defense off-guard and give the dribbler a 1 — 2 step advantage forcing other defenders to rotate and help. The dribbler can isolate and attack their new defender one-on-one.

This can be very effective if it was a post play who switched onto them. The screener can roll to the rim and post up. This can be very effective if it was a guard who is now forced to defend the screener in the post. Last but not least… shoot! When running the pick and pop, instead of the screener rolling to the rim, the screener pops out to the perimeter looking to receive the pass for an outside shot or catch and drive.

The other variation of the pick and roll is the pick and slip. Having great spacing from the three off-ball players is absolutely crucial if you want your team to be effective with the ball-screen. When this is run, there will usually be one off-ball player in the short corner and the other two offensive players behind the three-point.

When this is run, there will usually be off-ball players set up at the top of the key, in the corner, and in the weak-side low post. This will usually be performed by two post players with the other three offensive players outside the perimeter to create space inside. Whichever direction the dribbler elects to attack, the screener on that side rolls to the rim while the other screener pops out behind the three-point line.

This action is very effective for teams that are able to surround the pick and roll with 3 players who shoot the basketball at a high percentage. The quick step-up from an offensive player in the ball-side low post can be very effective if it catches the defense off-guard.

I first read about this variation of the pick and roll from BballBreakdown on Twitter. Here is a great video he created of the Spain pick and roll…. There are many fantastic basketball plays that utilize the pick and roll action to put players in great positions to score.

This box set play is designed to get a player attacking the rim off a pick-and-roll with two open passing option in the corners and also the ability to score at the rim depending on how the defense adjusts. Setup: The play begins in a box formation with 4 and 5 at the top and 2 and 3 on the low blocks. For this example, the left wing. The ball-side low block player then cuts high off the screen on the elbow and receives the pass from 1.

We want this to surprise the defenders and give them little time to react. A very simple play out of the horns formation. Involves a guard receiving the basketball on the wing and then receiving and on-ball screen. Setup: The play starts in a set with the post players on the elbows and the guards in the corners. The play begins with 3 cutting up to the wing and receiving the pass from 1.

On the weak-side of the floor, 4 down screens for 2 to make the help defense move. The drill starts with 2 players on offense and 2 on defense. The offensive team will attempt to score out of the pick and roll while the defense will attempt to get a stop without switching on defense.

This drill works the basics of both pick and roll offense and pick and roll defense. Crossing the split line is out of bounds.

The drill begins with the offensive player on the low post sprinting out to set a screen. The offensive player with the basketball must use the screen and attempt to create a scoring opportunity. The defense can defend the pick and roll any way they want, but they must not switch. If the offensive team scores, they stay in and the defenders rotate. If the defensive team gets a stop, they become the offense and new defenders must come in. Continue this drill for a set amount of time.

Change the Screen Location — You can also have the players set the screen at the top of the key or on the opposite wing. The dribbler makes a read and should get an open look most of the time.

Then the screener pops out and receives a second ball from a coach for a jump shot. By giving the dribbler a large advantage they are able to learn the basics of how to use a screen with a high success rate. Also, the screener works on popping out for a jump shot. The on-ball defender begins the drill by playing defense on the players dribbling the basketball.

The screener sprints over from their line and sets an on-ball screen. The dribbler uses the screen and makes a read on whether they should attack the basket, pull up for a jump shot, step back for a shot, or not use the screen at all.

They shoot the basketball. Once the screener has set the screen they pop out to receive a second basketball from the coach and shoot a jump shot. The dribbler becomes the defender, the defender joins the end of the screening line, and the screener joins the end of the dribbling line.

Screen Other Direction — Make sure your players practice coming off the screen with both their left and right hand.

Being able to play positionless basketball is incredibly important for all players and that trend will increase even more in the future.

While your players will be practicing both positions, not all coaches will take the initiative to do this. If the defense decides to trap the pick and roll with both defenders, the dribbler should take two long retreat dribbles to create space between them and the screener. The screener will make a short roll approximately a step closer to the rim and get ready to receive the basketball.

From here, the ball-hander can make the pass screener who will have a lot of space and can shoot the open shot or attack the rim 4-on-3 and make a play. The pick and roll puts the two defenders involved at a big disadvantage if a solid screen is set. The other three defenders will be forced to rotate towards the basketball to prevent a pass to the screener or an easy layup in the paint for the ball-handler. Doing so will drag the rim protector away from the rim and forces them to play defense on the perimeter opening up the paint.

There are far too many coaches teaching the pick and roll incorrectly or leaving out important details. These simple details can result in your team missing out on many points every game. What is a Pick and Roll?

Pick and roll

Hi, Can you recommend a good screen drill to use against a or zone? In Drill 1, are there defenders? No defenders on drill 1. It's designed to get both players shots. That's why the coach is involved as a passer to the roll players. The dribbler and roller get a shot. Variant 1: Have the balls in the middle line; Coach still has their ball.

Are you a coach, athlete or parent who wants to learn more about the fundamentals of basketball, what it takes to become a USA Basketball licensed coach or how to advance through various levels of play? Find the information through the links below. Forgot Password? Kemba Walker. Donovan Mitchell. Jayson Tatum.

Each time you run the pick and roll the defense has to decide what they are willing to give up: the roll man, the three point shot, or penetration. If they go under the screen with no hedge, the ball handler should take the open three point shot. If they fight over the screen with no hedge, then penetration is the answer. And if they bring the strong hedge or double team the ball handler, than the ball needs to go to the roll man. I like to use this pick and roll series to help my ballhandlers react instinctively to whichever coverage they see, and exploit to the fullest.

after the rebound and returns the ball to a guard line. Pick & Roll Two-on-Two Drill. This drill should not be introduced until all the previous drills have become.

Basketball Pick and Roll Drills

This is true from youth basketball all the way up to the NBA level. Many coaches are missing out important details when teaching their players how to execute the screen and roll. An offensive player without the basketball sets a screen for the player with the basketball. The player with the basketball reads the defenders and dribbles off the screen looking to attack and create a shot for themselves or another player on the team. After screening, the screener rolls to the rim looking to catch the basketball and finish inside.

Pick and Roll for Basketball (Offensive Guide)

Diagrams created with FastDraw. Click this link for all choices! If the screener is not a perimeter shooting threat and is a limited play-making threat, the defense will use a standard stunt.

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The pick and roll also called a ball screen or screen and roll in basketball is an offensive play in which a player sets a screen pick for a teammate handling the ball and then moves toward the basket rolls to receive a pass.

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Pick and Roll Drill #1. This is a simple, yet critical pick and roll shooting drill that will ensure that you practice game-like shots. Make sure to emphasize proper.

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Setting good picks are basic to most offensive plays. The "pick and roll" is still one of the simplest plays, but when done correctly, one of the most difficult to defend.