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income distribution and factor pricing in microeconomics pdf

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In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning and Definitions of Factor Pricing 2. Need for a Separate Factor Pricing 3. Perfect Competition during Short Period 4. Imperfect Competition 5.

Factor Market

In economics , factor payments are the income people receive for supplying the factors of production : land, labor, capital or entrepreneurship. Payments made of scarce resources, or the factors of production in return for productive services. As wages are being paid for services of labor, interest is paid for the services of capital, rent is paid for the services provided by the land or other immovable assets and profit is for the factor of payment to entrepreneurship. An economy is dependent on the production of goods and services, hence factors of production are required for the production of goods and services. They are broadly divided in the three factors of production: land , labor , and capital.

Components of the neoclassical, or marginalist, theory

As values, all commodities are only definite masses of congealed labour time. One of the enduring questions of economics is "Where do profits come from? At the center of most economic paradigms is a Theory of Value. The classical political economists found value to be determined in production ; since most of the cost of production could be reduced to labor, this approach was refined into the Labor Theory of Value. Neoclassical economists looked for value in the market act of exchange and developed the Marginal Theory of Value. Both of these theories are currently under challenge by the post-Keynesians with their Sraffian Theory of Value [1: Note] , which, like the labor theory of value, is based on production rather than exchange.

The below mentioned article provides an overview on factor pricing and income distribution. Factor pricing and income distribution are interrelated. The price of a factor say wage together with the quantity of the factor demanded and supplied will determine the reward to the factor. For example, if the daily wage of an average worker is Rs. This is the share of labour in national income. This indicates what and how much, of different commodities and services workers as a group can buy. The study of factor pricing and income distribution i.

In this topic we examine factor markets to understand how the demand-supply model can be used to understand how the prices of factors of.

Pricing of Factors of Production and Income Distribution

The basic idea in neoclassical distribution theory is that incomes are earned in the production of goods and services and that the value of the productive factor reflects its contribution to the total product. Though this fundamental truth was already recognized at the beginning of the 19th century by the French economist J. Say , for instance , its development was impeded by the difficulty of separating the contributions of the various inputs.

Factor payments

Unit: Factor markets

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Principles and Theories of Micro Economics. Definition and Explanation of Economics. Theory of Consumer Behavior. Indifference Curve Analysis of Consumer's Equilibrium.

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Theory of Factor Pricing: Meaning and Need | Microeconomics


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PDF | The paper aims to elaborate the theory of factor pricing and income distribution in Islamic Keywords: Factor Pricing; Income Distribution; Mudharabah; Profit Share Microeconomics Theory and Applications.

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