Dreaming Of Self New Perspectives On Subjectivity Idenity And Emotion Pdf

dreaming of self new perspectives on subjectivity idenity and emotion pdf

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The subversive dreams of Alice in Wonderland

Dreams and psychosis share several important features regarding symptoms and underlying neurobiology, which is helpful in constructing a testable model of, for example, schizophrenia and delirium. The purpose of the present communication is to discuss two major concepts in dreaming and psychosis that have received much attention in the recent literature: insight and dissociation. Both phenomena are considered functions of higher order consciousness because they involve metacognition in the form of reflective thought and attempted control of negative emotional impact. Insight in dreams is a core criterion for lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are usually accompanied by attempts to control the dream plot and dissociative elements akin to depersonalization and derealization. These concepts are also relevant in psychotic illness. Whereas insightfulness can be considered innocuous in lucid dreaming and even advantageous in psychosis, the concept of dissociation is still unresolved.

Making dreams, making relations: dreaming in Angami Naga society

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Many cultures, including the Nagas, give great importance to dreams as sources of divine knowledge, especially knowledge about the future. The anthropological study of dreams, which generally focuses on the interpretive practices that surround dream narration, can elucidate local notions of personhood, cosmology, and the myriad ways communities appeal to the supernatural when navigating everyday social problems. Such practices are especially heightened in contexts of political violence, as individuals and communities negotiate the anxieties of everyday uncertainty and unpredictability. A century ago, British administrator-ethnographer J. This is an Open Access journal. Please read our Open Access, Copyright and Permissions policies for more information. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer.

In this Book · Dreaming and the Self: New Perspectives on Subjectivity, Identity, and Emotion · Jeannette Marie Mageo · · Book · Published by.

Dreaming and the Self: New Perspectives on Subjectivity, Identity, and Emotion

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Making dreams, making relations: dreaming in Angami Naga society

The science of dreaming constitutes a relevant topic in modern-day neuroscientific research and provides major insights into the study of human consciousness. Linking specific, universal, and regularly occurring stages of sleep with dreaming encourages the direct and systematic investigation of a topic that has fascinated humankind for centuries. In this review, we explore to what extent individuals dream during periods of rapid eye movement and non-rapid eye movement sleep, and we introduce research on lucid dreaming.

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Insight and Dissociation in Lucid Dreaming and Psychosis

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These features include falling, magical animals, metamorphoses, wordplay, bizarreness, memory distortions, moral ambiguities, metacognition, curiosity, empathy, existential questioning, and freedom.

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Request PDF | Dreaming and the self: New perspectives on subjectivity, identity, and emotion | Drawing upon original fieldwork, cultural theory, and.

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