Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe And Lilly Reich Furniture And Interiors Pdf

ludwig mies van der rohe and lilly reich furniture and interiors pdf

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October 26, Journal article Open Access. This article focuses on the travels of Bauhaus masters and instructors and on the transport of Bauhaus products to Spain in , when the Franco-Spanish border was still culturally permeable. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer introduced their tubular-steel furniture in the Spanish market. Mies and Lilly Reich designed the interiors of all German industrial sections at the Barcelona International Exposition, where the Bauhaus sent objects from its carpentry, metal, and weaving workshops.

Bauhäusler on the Franco-Spanish Border

She opted for an austere approach with one product group per hall, for example sanitary facilities, kitchens, curtains, furniture and wallpaper. Hall 4 devoted to the mirror glass industry and Hall 5 with a presentation by the Deutsche Linoleum Werke were co-designed by Mies and Reich. The actual initiative for the Glasraum in Hall 4 came from Mies, who was looking for a materials sponsor for the glass in his Weissenhofsiedlung housing block. The Glasraum consisted of three interconnecting spaces that invoked the suggestion of a house: a study, a dining room and a living room. The central wall between the dining room and the living room consisted of two large, double-sided frosted glass panels; a similar panel was at a right angle to this wall, and formed the separation between the entranceway from Hall 5 and the living space. The other glass walls were composed of narrower panels mouse grey, olive green and clear glass. All of the walls were made with the same metal profiles.


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The exhibition was on view until July 15, It arises with a clear motivation: to reveal the architecture designed by Lilly Reich for the German sections of the Barcelona International Exposition inside eight Noucentista Palaces, an area that is fifty times greater in magnitude than the Pavilion itself. That work had a critical influence on the architecture of the German Pavilion, the original one that precedes the reconstruction that opened in and that we can experience today. The material trace of the relationship between the two architectures—that of the Pavilion and that of the Palace interiors—vanished forever when, in January , hundreds of linear meters of glass fencings and display cases, designed by Lilly Reich, were dismantled. Fortunately, forty-one architectural plans of that work have withstood the passage of time.

She is managing editor of En Blanco: Revista de Arquitectura. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 1 June ; 76 2 : — Mies's Opaque Cube: The Electric Utilities Pavilion at the Barcelona International Exposition focuses on the dramatic, opaque, white cube-shaped building designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German electricity industry's display at the exposition. Like many emblematic projects of modern architecture, the pavilion was created for a temporary exhibition and is known only through the photographic and graphic documentation of the era. Mies used the Electricity Supply Company Pavilion to experiment with a variety of ideas, including the use of photo murals and a new expression of structure and space, that featured in his later buildings.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich on board an excursion boat on town​, Aachen, Mies felt badly prepared to detail wood interiors and furniture. Paul.

Heresies, Volume 3, issue 3 (11), 1981 — Page 75

She studies the cultural transfers and creative exchanges between the northern and southern Europe as well as North America, through the mobility of products, the construction of works, and the travels and migrations of the architects and artists of the twentieth century. She has published extensively about architects, artists and thinkers of modern tradition in scientific journals and magazines, as well as in books. She is the editor of Josef Albers.

The Museum of Modern Art's exhibition history— from our founding in to the present—is available online. It includes exhibition catalogues, primary documents, installation views, and an index of participating artists. Courtesy Bauhaus-Archiv, Berlin: 5, 30, The exhibition is made possible by a generous grant from Marshall S. From Die Bauwelt 9 January 21, : 11 top.

Generally, however, it is the male designer who is given credit. He is presumed to be the dominant personality, while the woman is relegated to the shadows as an undefined, assimilating, albeit supportive, partner. This presumption is clearly refuted by a close examination of the work of Lilly Reich. She is an architect and designer of furniture, interiors, and exhibitions in her own right, even though her work has been categorized primarily through her collaboration with Mies van der Rohe in the late s and early s. While much of the documentation concerning her work is currently inaccessible' or has been destroyed, her unique approach to design can be identified by looking at her participation in the exhibitions of in Stuttgart and Berlin, in Barcelona, and in Berlin.

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Glassraum (1927)*

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