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difference between rtd and thermistor pdf

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Toll Free: Tel: From a physical point of view, heat is a measure of the energy contained in a body due to the irregular motion of its molecules or atoms.

Thermistor vs RTD vs Thermocouple: how they work and when to use them

Thermistors and RTDs or Resistance Temperature Detectors are two electrical devices that are used to measure electricity. They are usually used to monitor the temperature of certain devices for purposes of regulation. The main difference between the two is the type of material that they are made of. Thermistors are commonly made with ceramic or polymer materials while RTDs are made of pure metals. In terms of performance, thermistors win in almost all aspects. The best RTDs only have comparable accuracies to common thermistors while lower classes of RTDs are obviously more inaccurate.

From a physical point of view, heat is a measure of the energy contained in the body due to the irregular movement of its molecules or atoms. Just as tennis balls have more energy with increasing speed, the internal energy of the body or gas increases as the temperature increases. Temperature is a variable that, along with other parameters such as mass and specific heat, describes the energy content of the body. The basic measure of temperature is Kelvin degree. Therefore, there is no possibility of negative temperature because there is no state of lower energy. In daily use, the usual practice is to use centigrade formerly centigrade. Its zero point is at the freezing point of water, which can be easily reproduced in practice.

Resistance temperature detectors RTDs. An RTD sensing element consists of a wire coil or deposited film of pure metal. RTDs exhibit excellent accuracy over a wide temperature range and represent the fastest growing segment among industrial temperature sensors. Their advantages include:. A thermocouple consists of two wires of dissimilar metals welded together into a junction. At the other end of the signal wires, usually as part of the input instrument, is another junction called the reference junction, which is electronically compensated for its ambient temperature. Heating the sensing junction generates a thermoelectric potential emf proportional to the temperature difference between the two junctions.

Difference Between Thermistor and RTD

The Thermistor and the RTD both are the t emperatures measuring device. The other differences between the Thermistor and RTD are explained below in the comparison chart. As the Thermistor is made of semiconductor material , they have both the negative and positive temperature coefficient. But most of them thermistor have a negative temperature coefficient, i. The negative temperature coefficient can be large enough for several percentage increases in temperature because of the Thermistor can detect the small changes in temperature. The RTD is made of pure metal like platinum, nickel, etc. The positive temperature coefficient means their resistance increases with the temperature, which is the main function of RTD.

Difference Between RTD & Thermistor

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Most industrial applications use either an RTD or a thermocouple to measure temperature but thermistors are also very common. Although these three temperature sensors do the same thing, they have their own characteristics and applications.

One of the simplest classes of temperature sensor is one where temperature effects a change in electrical resistance. With this type of primary sensing element, a simple ohmmeter is able to function as a thermometer, interpreting the resistance as a temperature measurement:. Thermistors are devices made of metal oxide which either increase in resistance with increasing temperature a positive temperature coefficient or decrease in resistance with increasing temperature a negative temperature coefficient. RTD s are devices made of pure metal wire usually platinum or copper which always increase in resistance with increasing temperature. The major difference between thermistors and RTDs is linearity: thermistors are highly sensitive and nonlinear, whereas RTDs are relatively insensitive but very linear.

While non-physicists may consider the three to be similar, they actually have significant difference between them. Answer Save. Most industrial applications use either an RTD or a thermocouple to measure temperature but thermistors are also very common. If you are interested in buying a temperature sensor, take a look at … RTDs vs Thermocouples. Thermistor, thermocouples and RTD, which is an acronym for Resistance Temperature Detectors, are temperature measuring devices.

Difference Between RTD, Thermocouple and Thermistor

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This article is here to explain the differences between the three main kinds of A thermistor is like an RTD, but contains a ceramic or polymer resistor instead of.



The electrical resistance of both devices is determined by their temperature.



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