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Social networking created changes to the way we communicate with one another. It alters our idea of what it means to start a business.

Online communication systems are emerging as real-time communication tools for individuals, students and business professionals. These systems are a perfect blend of video, audio and computer technology that allows people to connect in real time irrespective of their geographical locations and time zones. Undoubtedly, digital conferencing makes interaction exciting for users at different physical locations by providing them access to high-quality sound and full-motion video effects. However, research shows a two-sided report of the impact of these online communication systems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Courses

Social networking created changes to the way we communicate with one another. It alters our idea of what it means to start a business. We can get our fix of current events through this medium, share our favorite websites with one another, and capture moments using pictures and video to share with family and friends.

There are many positives to consider when looking at the latest form of social networking, but it can also be a world filled with many negatives.

You can use websites like Facebook to launch a new business idea, sell products or services, and extend the reach of your brand. These platforms can also become an inescapable place where peer pressure can push people toward choices they would never make without its influence. We look at brands like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for social networking today, but this communications tool has been everywhere since the early s.

Six Degrees earns recognition as being the first official site, founded in by Andrew Weinreich, with a peak of 1 million members. People were going into AOL chat rooms before then. Friendster then emerged in , a year before LinkedIn, to set the stage for what we see today. The pros and cons of social networking are often more about your priorities when using it and the pages and people with whom you choose to interact.

How can you take advantage of these critical viewpoints today? Social networking gives you a chance to connect with people around the world. One of the most obvious advantages of using social networking is the opportunity these websites provide you to reach people from anywhere in the world.

Some people use Facebook to stay in touch with family, talk to old high school friends, and share their political feelings. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that is used for comedy, current events, and general observation. This technology gives us access to easy, instant communication tools.

Social networking gives us the chance to stay connected with one another wherever we happen to go. Sending a letter through the traditional mail seems like an eternity. When we stay connected to social networking, then all we need to do is pick up our smartphone, boot up the computer, or open the laptop to start communicating with someone. You can even use an app that connects to your profile to take advantage of these benefits no matter where you are in the world.

Information happens in real-time blocks on social networks. Before the Internet came around, we all had to wait for the daily newspaper or the news broadcasts on television to know what was going on in the world that day.

Thanks to social networking, one simple search is all that is necessary to access the current events notifications that we want to see. You can even go a step further and set alerts through your social networking profile so that you receive notifications when a specific page has new information to review.

This process allows you to customize your news feed, allowing the information discovery experience to follow the exact path you want. Social networking creates brand exposure for businesses. Any type of professional organization can use their social networking presence to connect with their current and future customers. This process makes it easier to expand the reach of a company through the use of these one-to-one connections that are possible.

There are numerous small businesses and entrepreneurs who have thriving companies today which survive almost entirely on what they can create through a social network.

Some of the brands would be unable to operate without it. Being on a social network is a lot of fun. The average person in the United States spends between 35 to 45 minutes every day on their favorite social networks. Humans are naturally social creatures, so it feels satisfying to have likes, hearts, or comments left on a posit. You can create friendly conversations in the comfort of home while seeing what everyone is doing without needing to ask them.

Social networks are a useful law enforcement tool. It is a tool that helps officers track down and arrest those who brag about their crimes online. This advantage has led to numerous prosecutions, including hate crimes, and identified multiple people in videos where inappropriate actions occur so that the proper charges can be brought against them. This tool can help students perform better at school. About 3 out of every 5 students say that they use social media to discuss educational topics if they have access to the Internet.

Half of students say that they talk about their school assignments with their friends thanks to the tools offered by these platforms.

There were also declines of chronic absences and an increase in the voluntary extra-credit. Social networking helps people who are shy or socially isolated to connect with others. About 1 in 4 teens say that their experiences on social media have helped them to feel less shy when interacting with others in real life.

Some kids, teens, and young adults are not as socially adept as others, which is where the anonymity of social networking can help. This online resource gives them an opportunity to feel more comfortable, become vocal, and practice interactions with other people in a way that creates a safety net for them.

The elderly can feel more connected to society because of social media. The Pew Research Center conducted a study in to see how senior citizens felt about the use of social media.

For those in the 65 and older age demographic, which is one of the fastest growing groups on social networks, they felt happier because of the online contacts that were available to them because of this technology.

They could talk to their family, see pictures and video of their grandchildren, or access the bulletin from their church. Social networking exposes us to a lot of information. When social networks first started, the platforms became a place of meaningful connection. You would share videos, photographs, and letters with the essential people in your life. Now that there are millions and sometimes billions of people on a platform, there can be a lot of white noise that drowns out these conversations.

Between the political arguments, posted selfies, shared links, and brand videos that enter the average news feed every day, it becomes pretty overwhelming to have all of this information at a glance. Most people tend to create bloated news feeds with a collected group of friends and followers that contains irrelevant content.

It becomes a challenge to stay connected with people because you might lose their conversations in the blizzard of data that social networks have become. There are privacy issues to consider with social networks. Because there is so much data sharing happening with the modern social network, the amount of privacy that we have for the average person is shrinking a little bit every day. The user agreements that you agree to follow when signing up for this service might even create a license which allows the platform to use your content without attribution — including your pictures.

You might become a target if you share your current location over social media. Your employer can choose to fire you if they disagree with something that you shared over your network. If you share too much with the public, there could be problems that develop which will never resolve as the information releases.

Cyberbullying and peer pressure are significant issues. If you struggle to fit in with your group of peers, then you might feel some pressure to behave or communicate in specific ways to feel accepted.

This disadvantage tends to impact teens and young adults the most, but it can also influence anyone. It is not unusual for the negative behaviors to be worse online than at school or work because bullies feel like they can be anonymous when sitting behind a screen or using a smartphone. In extreme cases of this disadvantage, the bullying and negative comments that occur over social networking can lead to anxiety, depression-like symptoms, and high levels of stress.

Cyberbullying makes teens and young adults twice as likely to attempt suicide or attempt to harm themselves in other ways. Some people substitute online interactions for their offline relationships. Our constant connections with one another create a change in how we approach our relationships.

You can pull up the social profile of a friend with a simple tap or click. Then you can message that person, leave a comment, or like one of their posts. We often substitute these actions for the face-to-face conversations we used to have, which reduces the number of social skills that we can use outside of the digital realm.

Because of this disadvantage, some critics of social networking would say that our activities promote anti-social behavior more than it encourages new connections. Social networking can become a severe distraction for some people. When someone becomes distracted by the information available through social media, it can take them up to 25 minutes to become focused on their original task.

Do you check your phone when you wake up in the morning? How often do you scroll through Facebook or Instagram? The time spent on these platforms, along with the time it takes to recover from the distraction, can cost you up to 70 hours of productive time per month. There are some ways that you can limit this disadvantage. Start by turning off notifications on your phone and in your browser.

Talk with people instead of pulling out a device to chat on an app. Then give yourself specific times during the day where you check on your profile and news feed instead of going to it multiple times per day. It can disrupt your sleep cycle. When you expose your brain to electronics, then it can change the emphasis of your mind from wanting to go to sleep to staying engaged with social media.

Using social networking all of the time can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Because social networking typically happens on a mobile device or a computer, it can promote the habit of sitting down in a single spot for too long during the day.

Some people check their feeds when they exercise, but it happens more often when there are quiet moments that feel boring. Social networking can spread false or unreliable information quickly.

The problem with this habit is that there tends to be a lack of fact verification before the sharing process happens. People tend to want news that conforms with their beliefs instead of the data being a direct observation of current events. News items that contain inaccuracies spread six times faster on Twitter than articles that contain the truth. Fake news items receive more shares and retweets than true stories. It is up to each of us to verify the information that we share to avoid this disadvantage.

Students who use social networking too often have lower grades. About one-third of students say that they are on social media while studying or doing their homework in ways that are not educationally productive.

This activity reduces the quality of their work, which often leads to lower grades. Non-users of social networking averaged a GPA of 3.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication

MC is proud to welcome students from different countries around the world. There are probably many more advantages to Internet-based courses, but I think you get the idea. The point is that we live in an ever-changing world that is ripe with new possibility. The ability to learn new information or a new skill whenever you want and wherever you want offers far greater opportunities for education than ever before. The scope and reach of education broadens to far greater horizons that perhaps ever imagined. Only you are responsible for your learning.

Talk to us. Yet despite this, there remains a strong argument that face-to-face is the best way to communicate. Face-to-face interaction with consultants, nurses and GPs is very important to your success in the job, as it is when interviewing. You can learn more about a person meeting them physically than you ever could simply by communicating over telephone or email. Body language speaks a lot louder than words; you can gain a much better understanding of how a candidate or client is feeling than you would otherwise be able to through other forms of communication. The more face-to-face communication you can have, the better. Having a meeting, lunch or a cup of coffee will give you the opportunity to build a relationship.

Technology has changed the way we communicate in so many ways. It has also changed the way people conduct business , and the manner we conduct our personal and social lives. We can easily text, talk and email through a link to anyone all over the world. In fact, it is now possible to visit any part of the world virtually. The education sector has also improved significantly because it is now possible to acquire a degree from any institution all over the world if you have a computer and internet connection. On the other hand, internet communication has created numerous problems that appear to increase as the technology advances.

advantages and disadvantages of online communication and identify potential solutions in the benefit of large communities of populations (Manea, ).

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication

The Internet has changed the way we communicate, the way people conduct their businesses, and the way we conduct our personal and social lives. We can easily email, talk and text through a link to anyone that lives on the other side of the globe. In fact, you can visit your dream destination virtually.

Note: You can find a significantly updated and expanded version of this post describing the benefits of online communication for community engagement here, and another describing the disadvantages of online communication of community engagement here. I found this on Wikiversity , one of the many resources on Wikipedia, today. What socio-demographic group does this technology favour? Who is being excluded from this debate? As with any and all community engagement techniques, online community engagement is not a panacea.

Online surveys have become the default tool for many market researchers. This is for good reason. Often times the ease of access to using online surveys actually causes issues in itself.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Communication

Customers can purchase items from the comfort of their own homes … You're closed for the day. Fast communication: If you are running a business and you want to communicate with your client then it is easy now.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Learning

By signing in with LinkedIn, you're agreeing to create an account at elearningindustry. Learn more about how we use LinkedIn. We use LinkedIn to ensure that our users are real professionals who contribute and share reliable content. When you sign in with LinkedIn, you are granting elearningindustry. We also use this access to retrieve the following information:. All around the world, educational institutions are looking toward online learning platforms to continue with the process of educating students.

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Keywords: online communication, mediate, negotiation Melissa, Emotions in Cyberspace: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication. Victoria, Victoria Australia. PDF icon Download This Paper.

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