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oil and gas field development planning pdf

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Oil and gas: fields and field development

Field Development Planning is the daunting process of evaluating multiple development options for a field and selecting the best option based on assessing tradeoffs among multiple factors:. Investors set oil company valuations in part on the company's ability to design and execute credible field development plans. As a result, oil and gas company management is under increasing pressure from investors to translate discoveries into cash flow as quickly as possible. On the other hand, growing field complexity in many parts of the world has made field development plans FDPs increasingly difficult to formulate and execute. Industry studies have shown that FDPs routinely over-estimate field production rates and ultimate recovery due to causes ranging from poor initial characterization of the reservoir to not fully integrating available development technologies. Halliburton Consulting helps other PSL's integrate Halliburton's best practices and workflows to support operators in formulating integrated field development plans that achieve operational and financial success:.

Makara Journal of Technology

An internship report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering Professional in Offshore Technology and Management. Gregory L. Chiu Chair Person Dr. Pornpong Asavadorndeja Member Dr. Jonathan Shaw Member. Chiu for his invaluable advice and enthusiastic encouragements.

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Field Development Planning (FDP) Consulting

Gas production rate is one of the most important variables affecting the feasibility plan of gas field development. It take into account reservoir characteristics, gas reserves, number of wells, production facilities, government take and market conditions. Increasing the duration time of gas delivery will reduce the optimum gas production rate and increase maximum profit non-linearly.

Offshore oilfield development planning under uncertainty and fiscal considerations

In the last five years the importance of hydrocarbons gas has increased due to the increase in oil prices, the limited number of new big oil fields discoveries, the environmental contamination due to oil combustion and the development of new technologies to use gas as a competitive energy source. Some of these fields have been tested in Devonian, Ordovician and Carboniferous formations with mixed results. Here we will focus on Devonian formation, Azrafil and Reggane fields, which has been tested in 5 wells and shown remarkable results. The methodology uses an Integrated Asset Management IAM approach, linking geological with reservoir information to model hydrocarbon flow going from the reservoir to wells, wellbore, through the pipeline network and the compressor system up to the point of delivery based on defined HIP, HRP and plateau; uncertainties associated with these parameters were identified and ranked to be included in the FDP. As a conclusion, the FDP shows that around 30 wells must be drilled during the life cycle with a plateau of about 8. During the life cycle of a Hydrocarbon Asset, when going from the Exploration Phase to the Development Phase, there is a critical period where important decisions for going or not ahead must be taken: The Appraisal phase. The available set of initial data and worked out figures, does not normally correspond from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, with our wishes of a very solid background with no uncertainties that will allow us to take solid decisions and so acquiring strong commitments for the future development.

Petroleum resources remain very important to the economic growth of several nations of the world even as oil price fluctuates in the current market today. The huge cost of exploration and exploitation of these resources makes it necessary for the attainment of high level of certainty in the methods adopted for its detection, quantification, planning and production. Mapping the right reservoir, understanding of reservoir characteristics most importantly; porosity, permeability, water saturation, thickness, and area extent of the reservoir, being able to reduce the uncertainties in these properties, making the right decision on when to inject water into the reservoir, where to locate these injectors and planning of where to drill new wells are very important factors that helps to determine the hydrocarbon reserves, cost of production and the degree of exploitation success rate and thus, needs to be treated with high level of certainty. This research work was, therefore, aimed at integrating several disciplines Geologist, Reservoir Engineer, Well Engineer and Petroleum Economist to carry out a detailed Field Development Plan FDP analysis for the reservoir in other to determine its success rate and economic viability. Simulations of three different cases of waterflood were analysed to decide the optimal development strategy to be applied to the field. Economic and sensitivity analyses were also carried out for all the cases suggested for the reservoir including the natural depletion case.

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Offshore Oil and Gas Field Development Planning

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Field developmental plan analysis: a case study of ‘x’ reservoir

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Field Development Plan. Jan Bygdevoll. Discipline leader Reservoir Engineering​. Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Manila 7. February

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