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what is money and its functions pdf

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Money is any object that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and the repayment of debt. Distinguish between the three main functions of money: a medium of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value. Money is any object that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given socioeconomic context or country.

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The Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomics pp Cite as. Money can be and has been defined in many ways. For statistical purposes the stock of money is often defined in terms of certain clearly distinguishable, but analytically arbitrary, 1 institutional dividing lines. Since the dividing line between monetary and non-monetary assets is, perhaps, arbitrary, e. For example, money might be defined as that set of liquid financial assets which has both a close correlation with the development of the economy, and which is potentially subject to the control of the authorities. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

The Role, Functions and Definition of Money

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Evolution of Money 2. Meaning and Definitions of Money 3. Stages in the Evolution 4. Characteristics 5. Classification 6. Modern Forms 7.

Bio Vita. Learn more about the Econ Lowdown Teacher Portal and watch a tutorial on how to use our online learning resources. We believe the Federal Reserve most effectively serves the public by building a more diverse and inclusive economy. Money has taken many forms through the ages: shells, wheels, beads and even cows. All forms, though, have always had three things in common. Find out what in this eight-minute episode of our Economic Lowdown Podcast Series.

Money is often described as serving four functions. These function are: 1) medium of exchange 2) unit of account 3) store of value 4) standard for deferred payment 7 Page 8 We have not explicitly discussed the store of value function of money.

Functions of Money - The Economic Lowdown Podcast Series

If cigarettes and mackerel can be used as money, then just what is money? Money is anything that serves as a medium of exchange. A medium of exchange is anything that is widely accepted as a means of payment.

Money is any good that is widely accepted in exchange of goods and services, as well as payment of debts. Most people will confuse the definition of money with other things, like income, wealth, and credit. Three functions of money are:. Medium of exchange : Money can be used for buying and selling goods and services. If there were no money, goods would have to be exchanged through the process of barter goods would be traded for other goods in transactions arranged on the basis of mutual need.

Is money such a puzzle? Do you feel confused by all the financial and money matters you hear and read about every day? If so, the following learning modules and accompanying lesson plans will aim to help put the pieces together and replace some of that confusion with understanding. We will examine money what it is, the role it plays, and the influence that it can have on our economy and its performance; examine some of the common misperceptions people have about money and also look at the role that the government and, in particular, the Bank of Canada plays in influencing money in our economy.

Money in Economics: Definition, Types, Functions, Characteristics, Importance and Evils | Economics

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PDF | an article published in the volume: English for Banking and existence of money and its functions as a medium of exchange and a.