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Radioelectronics and Communications Systems — Template for authors

MSC exists to support the joint warfighter across the full spectrum of military operations. MSC provides on-time logistics, strategic sealift, as well as specialized missions anywhere in the world, in contested or uncontested environments. Operations are routinely performed within a battle group with specific circuits and protocol that must be utilized. The incumbent will learn to operate, monitor and control information systems in support of worldwide telecommunications network. The incumbent performs assigned mission organizational level troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of Command, Control, Communications, Computer, and Intelligence Systems including equipment used for communication, detection, tracking, recognition and identification. The incumbent must possess a basic knowledge of electronic theory and be competent to perform required equipment inspection, evaluation of performance, problem troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and limited repairs to shipboard communications systems under varying levels of supervision.

Telecommunication is the transmission of information by various types of technologies over wire , radio , optical or other electromagnetic systems. The transmission media in telecommunication have evolved through numerous stages of technology, from beacons and other visual signals such as smoke signals , semaphore telegraphs , signal flags , and optical heliographs , to electrical cable and electromagnetic radiation , including light. Such transmission paths are often divided into communication channels , which afford the advantages of multiplexing multiple concurrent communication sessions. Telecommunication is often used in its plural form, because it involves many different technologies. Other examples of pre-modern long-distance communication included audio messages, such as coded drumbeats , lung-blown horns , and loud whistles.

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Wyglinski, , ISBN The objective of this book is to provide a hands-on learning experience using Software Defined Radio for engineering students and industry practitioners who are interested in mastering the design, implementation, and experimentation of communication systems. This book provides a fresh perspective on understanding and creating new communication systems from scratch. Communication system engineers need to understand the impact of the hardware on the performance of the communication algorithms being used and how well the overall system operates in terms of successfully recovering the intercepted signal. This book is written for both industry practitioners who are seeking to enhance their skill set by learning about the design and implementation of communication systems using SDR technology, as well as both undergraduate and graduate students who would like to learn about and master communication systems technology in order to become the next generation of industry practitioners and academic researchers. The book contains theoretical explanations about the various elements forming a communication system, practical hands-on examples and lessons that help synthesize these concepts, and a wealth of important facts and details to take into consideration when building a real-world communication system.

Journal covers urgent theoretical problems of radio-engineering; results of research efforts, leading experience, which determines directions and development of scientific research in radio engineering and radio electronics; publishes materials of scientific conferences and meetings; information on scientific work in higher educational institutions; newsreel and bibliographic materials. Publication in the journal is free of charge. Journal is published for teaching staff, graduate and postgraduate students of higher educational institutions, scientific and engineering-technical staff of SRI, industrial enterprises, electronics and communications companies. Projects Career Culture and Arts Sports. Breadcrumb Home. Radioelectronics and Communications Systems. Journal Policies Radioelectronics and Communications Systems.

Second Radio Electronics Technician (RET2)

Radio is the technology of signaling and communicating using radio waves. They are generated by an electronic device called a transmitter connected to an antenna which radiates the waves, and received by a radio receiver connected to another antenna. Radio is very widely used in modern technology, in radio communication, radar , radio navigation , remote control , remote sensing and other applications. In radio communication , used in radio and television broadcasting , cell phones , two-way radios , wireless networking and satellite communication among numerous other uses, radio waves are used to carry information across space from a transmitter to a receiver, by modulating the radio signal impressing an information signal on the radio wave by varying some aspect of the wave in the transmitter.


Fundamentals of Electronics Communications System

Radioelectronics and Communications Systems 32 11 , , Control of the spatial characteristics of radiation in radar systems with antenna arrays AN Lebedev Radioehlektronika 30, , Digital aperture synthesis with piecewise-linear approximation of the reference function SM Zraenko, VG Kobernichenko Radioehlektronika 30, , Measurement of the efficiency and scattering coefficient of millimeter-wave reflector antennas according to their thermal microwave emission GA Andreev, SG Agratin, LV Zaentsev Radioehlektronika 32, , Algorithm for the classification of a nonuniform sample of signals and noise IG Prokopenko Radioehlektronika 32, , Optimal digital filtering of discrete-continuous processes VV Gorshkov Radioelectronics and Communications Systems 32 11 , , The sum-difference signal-handling method using instantaneous automatic gain control IAGC finds extensive application in single-pulse direction finders.

MSSA Contribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy. Completion requirements. The requirements for granting this qualification will be met when competency is demonstrated and achieved for:.

Radioelectronics and Communications Systems covers urgent theoretical problems of radio-engineering; results of research efforts, leading experience, which.

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Journal publishes articles in the following sections:. We use a double blind peer review format. The average period from submission to first decision in was days, and that from first decision to acceptance was 60 days. The final decision on the acceptance of an article for publication is made by the Editorial Board or the Editor-in-Chief. Any invited reviewer who feels unqualified or unable to review the manuscript due to the conflict of interests should promptly notify the editors and decline the invitation.

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