Gospel Of John Questions And Answers Pdf

gospel of john questions and answers pdf

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According to the opening of the Gospel of John, what was in the beginning that was with God and was God? Who does John in the opening of his Gospel say was in the beginning with the Word?

The Bible questions are not trivia. Rather they help you to learn the message of the scripture. The first three words of John are the same as the first three words of Genesis.

Gospel Of: ST. John

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Why do you think it is important for Christians to read the Bible? Do you read the Bible on your own? Why or why not? In John and , what does John call himself? Why do you think he called himself that?

All the answers come from the Bible itself. The Gospel of Mark tells of Jesus healing a blind man outside Jericho. Which tree did Jesus curse? Read as much of the book of Mark as you can and summarize its theme. The Gospel of Mark divides into two parts. Choose the number of leader and participant guides needed below.

Believe: study questions for the gospel of John

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How could you use John 1 to answer the question? 9. What two characteristics did the Word have according to ,5? For each of these characteristics, find.


When was the Book of John written? What was first, the creation or the Word? What was Jesus doing before He became man? What had Jesus to do with creation?