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wettability and its effect on oil recovery pdf

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Published: 04.07.2021

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Wettability and Its Effect on Oil Recovery

An understanding of the mechanisms by which oil is displaced from porous media requires the knowledge of the role of wettability and capillary forces in the displacement process. The determination of representative capillary pressure data and wettability index of a reservoir rock is needed for the prediction of the fluids distribution in the reservoir: the initial water saturation and the volume of reserves. This study shows how wettability alteration of an initially water-wet reservoir rock to oil-wet affects the properties that govern multiphase flow in porous media, that is, capillary pressure, relative permeability, and irreducible saturation. From the results of these experiments, changing the wettability of the samples to oil-wet improved the recovery of the wetting phase. Wettability refers to the tendency of one fluid to spread on or adhere to a solid surface in the presence of immiscible fluids as shown in Figure 1 [ 1 ]. In natural porous media, the wettability varies from point to point depending upon the surface roughness [ 2 ], immobile adsorbed liquid layers [ 3 ], and the adsorptive properties of the mineral constituents. Anderson reported that coal, graphite, sulfur, talc, talc-like silicates, and many sulfides are probably neutrally wet to oil-wet [ 4 ].

The datasets that support the findings of this study are available from [Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, ADNOC] but restrictions apply to the availability of these datasets, which were used under license for the current study, and so are not publicly available. We used X-ray micro-tomography to image the in situ wettability, the distribution of contact angles, at the pore scale in calcite cores from a producing hydrocarbon reservoir at subsurface conditions. The contact angle was measured at hundreds of thousands of points for three samples after twenty pore volumes of brine flooding. The hypothesized cause of wettability alteration by an adsorbed organic layer on surfaces contacted by crude oil after primary drainage was observed with Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM and identified using Energy Dispersive X-ray EDX analysis. However, not all oil-filled pores were altered towards oil-wet conditions, which suggests that water in surface roughness, or in adjacent micro-porosity, can protect the surface from a strong wettability alteration. The lowest oil recovery was observed for the most oil-wet sample, where the oil remained connected in thin sheet-like layers in the narrower regions of the pore space. Wettability, or the contact angle between two fluids at a solid surface, determines, for instance, the efficiency of fuel cells, the security of geological carbon dioxide storage, hydrocarbon recovery, and gas exchange in leaves 1.

Efforts to enhance oil recovery through wettability alteration by nanoparticles have been attracted in recent years. However, many basic questions have been ambiguous up until now. Nanoparticles penetrate into pore volume of porous media, stick on the core surface, and by creating homogeneous water-wet area, cause to alter wettability. This work introduces the new concept of adding ZnO nanoparticles by an experimental work on wettability alteration and oil recovery through spontaneous imbibition mechanism. Laboratory tests were conducted in two experimental steps on four cylindrical core samples three sandstones and one carbonate taken from a real Iranian heavy oil reservoir in Amott cell. In the first step, the core samples were saturated by crude oil. Next, the core samples were flooded with nanoparticles and saturated by crude oil for about two weeks.


Morrow, Norman R.. Distinguished Author Series articles are general, descriptiverepresentations that summarize the state of the art in an area of technology bydescribing recent developments for readers who are not specialists in thetopics discussed. Written by individuals recognized as experts in the area, these articles provide key references to more definitive work and presentspecific details only to illustrate the technology. Purpose: to informthe general readership of recent advances in various areas of petroleumengineering. Reservoir wettability is determined by complex interface boundary conditionsacting within the pore space of sedimentary rocks. These conditions have adominant effect on interface movement and associated oil displacement. Wettability is a significant issue in multiphase flow problems ranging from oilmigration from source rocks to such enhanced recovery processes as alkalineflooding or alternate injection of CO2 and water.

These conditions have adominant effect on interface movement and associated oil displacement. Wettability is a significant issue in multiphase flow problems ranging from oilmigration from source rocks to such enhanced recovery processes as alkalineflooding or alternate injection of CO2 and water.

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In this study, the effect of initial water saturation on the oil recovery for carbonate rocks is investigated using spontaneous imbibition experiments. The experiments are performed using 20 times diluted sea water as imbibing fluid and the sea water as initial water. These results help to identify the active cations in the wettability alteration process of carbonate rocks during the low-salinity water injection.

Agus Budi Purnomo , PhD. Dody Prayitno.

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