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Applying Medical Anthropology to Public Health

Medical Anthropology is a subfield of anthropology that draws upon social, cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology to better understand those factors which influence health and well being broadly defined , the experience and distribution of illness, the prevention and treatment of sickness, healing processes, the social relations of therapy management, and the cultural importance and utilization of pluralistic medical systems. The discipline of medical anthropology draws upon many different theoretical approaches. It is as attentive to popular health culture as bioscientific epidemiology, and the social construction of knowledge and politics of science as scientific discovery and hypothesis testing. Medical anthropologists examine how the health of individuals, larger social formations, and the environment are affected by interrelationships between humans and other species; cultural norms and social institutions; micro and macro politics; and forces of globalization as each of these affects local worlds. The political ecology of infectious and vector borne diseases, chronic diseases and states of malnutrition, and violence The possibilities for a critically engaged yet clinically relevant application of anthropology.

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Pandemic Perspectives: Responding to COVID-19

In recent years health education practitioners have been looking for ways to extend the social psychological analysis of human behavior with approaches that focus on the cultural and social context of human behavior. It demonstrates that an anthropological approach has much to offer as a basis for sound interventions for understanding human behavior. However, although an anthropological approach offers valuable starting points for interventions, its broad scope exceeds the traditional goals of health education changing health beliefs, health counseling. Interventions will not aim at informing individuals, but at improving cultures. They may concern the change of basic cultural and social structures such as gender roles.

Jump to navigation. Here are some additional resources for global health concentration students. While this list is not exhaustive, it is a good starting point to explore opportunities available for those interested in global health. For up to date news on offerings on and off campus, please subscribe to our listserv. CDC Undergraduate Internships. College for Social Innovation Semester in the City.

Public health is often described as having the population or community as its patient, in contrast to the individual-level focus of clinical medicine. This focus on community creates a natural foundation for partnership between public health and anthropology, which takes as its primary focus the study of people in groups, and especially in local communities. Anthropology has four major subfields: cultural anthropology, physical or biological anthropology, archeology, and linguistics. Crosscutting the subfields are several subdisciplinary foci that have much to contribute to the achievement of public health objectives. The most important for public health is medical anthropology , a field that first emerged as a coherent subdiscipline in the s and has rapidly grown to become one of the largest areas of research and practice within anthropology.

Anthropology in Public Health

Anthropologists provide crucial understandings of public health problems from the pe Anthropologists provide crucial understandings of public health problems from the perspectives of the populations in which the problems occur. On the basis of such understandings, anthropologists may develop and implement interventions to address particular public health problems, often working in collaboration with local participants. Anthropologists also work as evaluators, examining the activities of public health institutions and the successes and failures of public health programs.

Michael C. Shortly before coronavirus disease COVID burst into public consciousness, several anthropologists met to discuss how to prepare for the next global health emergency. During the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Vancouver, we chatted about epidemics and other health emergencies during a reception of the Anthropological Responses to Health Emergencies ARHE special interest group of the Society for Medical Anthropology.

Anthropology and Public Health: Bridging Differences in Culture and Society

Medical anthropologists study such issues as:

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Cultural Anthropology Minor

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What is Medical Anthropology?