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Goon : The story you are about to see has been told before.

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Goon : The story you are about to see has been told before. A lot. And now we are going to tell it again. But different.

It's about two star-crossed lovers kept apart by a big feud. No one knows how this feud started, but it's all quite entertaining. Unfortunately, before we begin, there is a rather long, boring prologue, which I will read to you now. From forth the fatal loins of these two foes Have you ever seen our beautiful, beautiful garden from this angle?

Lady Bluebury : Oh, yes. Especially the wisteria. May he rest in pieces. Oh, how you remind me of him. Which is why I wanted to say… Gnomeo : I know. I know. My chores. Lady Bluebury : Gnomeo… Gnomeo : Edging, trimming, planting, pruning. Consider it all done. Lady Bluebury : I wanted to say… Gnomeo : Done, done.

Lady Bluebury : Gnomeo! Gnomeo : Done. Lady Bluebury : All I wanted to say was "good luck. Gnomeo : near the opened gate Red. I hate the word. Juliet : Hiya, Dad!

Lord Redbrick : Do you want to get smashed? Juliet : Aflower that will put that Blue garden to shame, just across the alley. Lord Redbrick : holds her hand This feud business… drags her to the tower is none of your concern. Bless her to bits. Nanette closed her mouth Now, back where you belong. Spits a little bit of water from her mouth Lord Redbrick : takes his stick and leaves Stubborn girl.

Juliet : Right. Blue Gnomes : Gnomeo! Red Gnomes : Tybalt, go! Tybalt, go! And here they are: No biting, no scratching, no kicking, no burping, no slurping, no cussing, no squalling, no rassling, no heeing, no hawing, and more than anything, no cheating!

Fawn : No cheating? Dolly Gnome : On your marks! Get set! Tybalt : Sucker! Dolly Gnome : Go, go, go! The greatest by far. Red Goons : The greatest! The greatest by far! Tybalt : Oh! Please, please, my friends. Benny : A cheat! A cheat! Red Goons : A cheat! Tybalt jumps off the mower and wehn he was on the ground, he kicked Benny Gnome : Tybalt! You just crossed the line! Tybalt : Yeah! The finish line! Adios, loser! Benny : Hey! Come on out and fight like a gnome! Blue Male Gnome : You better do something!

Benny and the rest of the blue gnomes were shocked and gasped Benny : The Red garden? And payback is gonna be fun. Gnome : This mission into Red garden territory is going to require maximum stealth. Nanette : sighs All this for some daffy flower. Juliet : Yes. Juliet : No, my hair! Nanette : Got it! Juliet : Out! Man : offscreen Damn, Spot! Over here, boy! Nanette : Wow! That was quick! Nanette : Ooh! A new outfit! Nanette : Here. That is cute. Give us a turn. Nice junk in the trunk. Now, go get your flower.

Juliet : Uh… Maybe a tad less fluorescent pink? Nanette : How much less? Juliet : Try black. Nanette : Trust me. Nobody is going to pay you any attention in that. Benny : Great! I love going commando! Gnomeo : Shh! Now, just keep quiet. Fawn : Ok, I have another one. Two words. The first word is "Spider-Man.

Tybalt : offscreen Where did he go?! Tybalt : Well, do I look like a begonia? Goon : No, more like a pansy. Tybalt : Find him! Gnomeo : I wish I could stay, but… gotta fly. Gnomeo : Whoa-whoa-whoa! Well, I grabbed it first. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. But if you want it, come and get it. All right. Nice greenhouse, eh?

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Gnomeo and Juliet

People use language for communication. To understand the meaning in every communication which occurs with language, we are necessary to know the contextual information, like the culture, time and place where the language is uttered. Language and context are two things which cannot be separated each other. They have relation each others. Contextual meaning is connected with the reference.

The enemies of Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet each live in part of an older mansion, one half of which is red and the other half blue. When they leave their halves of the house, the two gardens and their respective, of course warring red and blue garden gnomes and other figures come to life.

The story you are about to see. And now we are going to tell it again. It's about two star-crossed lovers.

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The animation was provided by Starz Animation. A sequel and spin-off, titled Sherlock Gnomes , was released on March 23, , with Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer distributing and producing the film, respectively. Capulet Richard Wilson despise each other.

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Gnomeo & Juliet - English Transcript

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