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difference between oral communication and written communication pdf

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The comparison of written vs oral communication is ages old. Communication skills affect your ability to be understood and to understand others, establish positive relationships, and perform your job well.

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Oral vs Written Communication. Communication is the process of transfer of information from one person to another. Whether in a work situation where we are following written instructions or instructions received verbally from our superior or in daily life where we continuously chatter with everyone who comes in contact with us, communication plays a dominant role in our lives. But we rarely pause to think about the differences between oral and written communication. This article attempts to highlight the differences between oral or verbal and written communication.

Words play a crucial role in communication process, to transmit the message in the way it is intended to be conveyed. When words are used in the process of communication, it is known as verbal commnication. Verbal transfer of information can be performed, orally or in written form. Oral Communication is the oldest means of communication, which is most commonly used as a medium for the exchange of information. It involves gathering or disseminating information through spoken words. Written Communication , on the other hand, is a formal means of communication, wherein message is carefully drafted and formulated in written form.

Written vs Oral Communication Difference Explained

The written word often stands in place of the spoken word. Writing a message to friends or colleagues can be as natural as talking to them. Yet when we are asked to write something, we often feel anxious and view writing as a more effortful, exacting process than talking would be. Oral and written forms of communication are similar in many ways. They both rely on the basic communication process, which consists of eight essential elements: source, receiver, message, channel, receiver, feedback, environment, context, and interference. Table 4.

Written communication is the process of communication in which messages or information is exchanged or communicated within sender and receiver through written form. On the other hand, oral communication is the process of communication in which messages or information is exchanged or communicated within sender and receiver through the word of mouth. The differences between oral and written communication are of followers:. Good oral communication must have some characteristics as follows:. Under what circumstances oral communication is more effective or, In between oral communication and written communication which one is more effective? Also written communication does not use words for communicating while oral communication use words for may be meeting, group discussion, seminars, lectures atc. Written communication also conveys a psychological climate.

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Difference Between Oral Communication and Written Communication

Health Details: emerge when the oral and written cultures interact in the struggle for authenticity. Clearly, the struggle for authenticity intensifies the dichotomy between the written and the oral, and unfortunately, it is the oral mode of communication that often ends up taking the back bench under such circumstances. Health Details: Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages between two people, a person and a group or a group to a group. Written and oral communication is used daily in meetings, lecture Health Details: court combines both written and oral communication skills.

Oral communication is the most widely used form of communication in the world. Humans are known to have communicated throughout the centuries of civilization, by using this method of communication. Oral communication is also one of the key factors that differentiates humans from other creatures, and entitles them to the claim of being the most intelligent species on earth.

Related Terms: Communication Systems. Written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word. Communication is a key to any endeavor involving more than one person. Communicating through writing is essential in the modern world and is becoming ever more so as we participate in what is now commonly called the information age. In fact, written communication is the most common form of business communication.

Difference Between Oral and Written Communication

Difference Between Oral and Written Communication

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Difference between Verbal (Oral) and Written Communication