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Published: 06.07.2021

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Tacticity in chiral phononic crystals

The data measurement results, code, and models that support the plots within this paper and other findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request. Contrary to electromagnetism, where mechanical properties do not couple to the wave propagation mechanism, in elasticity this paradigm inevitably leads to low stiffness and high-density materials. Here, we introduce the concept of tacticity in spin-spin-coupled chiral phononic crystals. This additional layer of architecture has a remarkable effect on their dispersive behavior and allows to successfully realize material variants with equal mass density and stiffness but radically different dynamic properties. This offers unique potential for phonon manipulation 9 and wave isolation 10 , 11 , including nonreciprocal 12 — 14 and scattering free 15 , 16 propagation, cloaking 17 , and frequency bandgap nucleation Therefore, an atom can translate but there is no meaning in considering its rotation, leading to the concept of translational oscillator TO , with a single degree of freedom DOF per space direction, the motion of which is described by the equation:. Equation 1 , applied to a mass-spring chain, implies that the vibrational properties of the TO and consequently the bandgap nucleation, are indissolubly linked to the stiffness and density of the material

Acoustic metamaterial

An acoustic metamaterial , sonic crystal , or phononic crystal , is a material designed to control, direct, and manipulate sound waves or phonons in gases , liquids , and solids crystal lattices. They can be engineered to either transmit, or trap and amplify sound waves at certain frequencies. In the latter case, the material is an acoustic resonator. Acoustic metamaterials are used to model and research extremely large-scale acoustic phenomena like seismic waves and earthquakes , but also extremely small-scale phenomena like atoms. The latter is possible due to band gap engineering: acoustic metamaterials can be designed such that they exhibit band gaps for phonons, similar to the existence of band gaps for electrons in solids or electron orbitals in atoms. That has also made the phononic crystal an increasingly widely researched component in quantum technologies and experiments that probe quantum mechanics.

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Wang, Y. February 26, July ; 72 4 : Phononic crystals PCs and metamaterials MMs can exhibit abnormal properties, even far beyond those found in nature, through artificial design of the topology or ordered structure of unit cells. This emerging class of materials has diverse application potentials in many fields. Recently, the concept of tunable PCs or MMs has been proposed to manipulate a variety of wave functions on demand. In this review, we survey recent developments in tunable and active PCs and MMs, including bandgap and bandgap engineering, anomalous behaviors of wave propagation, as well as tunable manipulation of waves based on different regulation mechanisms: tunable mechanical reconfiguration and materials with multifield coupling.

Acoustic Metamaterials And Phononic Crystals

This website uses cookies to function and to improve your experience. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. This poster focuses on the development of practical acoustic metamaterials for the reduction of low frequency industrial noise. High noise levels generated by industrial machinery can cause major environmental problems and stakeholders are looking for novel solutions. Sonobex have developed the first commercially available acoustic metamaterial-based technologies; extended from our understanding of Phononic Crystals.

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Acoustic filters and metamaterials have become essential components for elastic wave control in applications ranging from ultrasonics to noise abatement. Other devices have been designed in this field, emulating their electromagnetic counterparts. One such case is an acoustic diode or rectifier, which enables one-way wave transmission by breaking the wave equation-related reciprocity. Its achievement, however, has proved to be rather problematic, and current realizations display a number of shortcomings in terms of simplicity and versatility.

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Acoustic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals

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Ferragus C.


Commun 4 Deymier, Hasan, Runge , Navigating the Hilbert space of nonseparable elastic states in arrays of periodically coupled one-dimensional waveguides AIP Advances 10 Calderin, Hasan, Runge, Deymier , Finite elements computational modeling of coupled elastic waveguides Appl.

FrГ©dГ©ric C.


Abstract Phononic crystals have received some attention in the last decade due to their intrinsic property of band gaps.

Nils G.


application range of the acoustic metamaterial is wider. Band Structure Calculation Method of Phononic Crystal and Acoustic Metamaterials.

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