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History of Political Economy 1 June ; 47 2 : — John Maynard Keynes put forward a number of proposals to reshape the international monetary system. Although variegated, they do have one characteristic in common—the rejection of freely flexible exchange rates—which, in a sense, is like a prism refracting the different shades of his many reform plans.

Indian Currency And Finance

Originally trained in mathematics, he built on and greatly refined earlier work on the causes of business cycles , and was one of the most influential economists of the 20th century. During the Great Depression of the s, Keynes spearheaded a revolution in economic thinking , challenging the ideas of neoclassical economics that held that free markets would, in the short to medium term, automatically provide full employment, as long as workers were flexible in their wage demands. He argued that aggregate demand total spending in the economy determined the overall level of economic activity, and that inadequate aggregate demand could lead to prolonged periods of high unemployment. Keynes advocated the use of fiscal and monetary policies to mitigate the adverse effects of economic recessions and depressions. By the late s, leading Western economies had begun adopting Keynes's policy recommendations. Almost all capitalist governments had done so by the end of the two decades following Keynes's death in

British economist John Maynard Keynes is doubtlessly one the most important figures in the entire history of economics. This is generally regarded as probably the most influential social science treatise of the 20th Century, in that it quickly and permanently changed the way the world looked at the economy and the role of government in society. No other single book, before or since, has had quite such an impact. Maynard as he was commonly called was the eldest son of the Cambridge economist and logician John Neville Keynes. An enormous influence, Keynes's father would remain a touchstone and frequent consultant during Maynard's future life and career. A sickly child, Maynard was raised in a solidly Victorian household in Cambridge. Young Maynard showed an early aptitude for mathematics, and won a scholarship to the prestigious Eton school in , where he quickly shone.

John Maynard Keynes's Indian Currency and Finance

Global Perspectives 11 May ; 1 1 : In December a former British official who had been present in Paris during the long negotiations leading to the Versailles peace treaty published a sixty-thousand-word tract. In just under two hundred pages, he first explained why the European order before the First World War had been fundamentally unstable; he then went on to attack those on the allied side who, in his opinion, had failed so miserably to construct a genuine peace; and finally and at much greater length he argued, with a battery of economic facts, that treating Germany generously would be a far wiser course of action than—as in fact happened—treating it like a pariah. Vengeance may have played to the gallery, and keeping Germany down may have made sense to those who had suffered so profoundly as a result of its actions between and Yet as John Maynard Keynes pointed out in page after Sign In or Create an Account.

Indian Currency and Finance.

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John Maynard Keynes

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This volume, the fifth of six dealing with this period, focuses on three aspects of his activities in planning the post-war world: the final stages of the discussions and negotiations that brought the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to birth at Bretton Woods and Savannah, the negotiations over commercial policy, and the discussions on reparations and the post-war treatment of Germany. That is what A Revision of the Treaty provided. Publication date Publisher Macmillan And Co.

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First edition. London, MacMillan and Co. Keynes' first published work on economics. The question of Indian currency became a major economic concern for the British Empire after the world abandoned bimetallism in In Indian Currency and Finance , Keynes argued for the adoption of the gold exchange standard rather than the full-gold standard.

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JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES. PILLOW OF Commission () on Indian Finance and Currency. years, trade was inconvenienced, and Public Finance.

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