Driving Licence Test Questions And Answers In Telugu Pdf

driving licence test questions and answers in telugu pdf

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The following is an example of several of the Thai Driving License Exam Test Questions for you to look at and learn the answers for, when applying to get your Drivers License in Thailand. The correct answers are highlighted. Image quality is not great — but you should be able to read the questions.


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Driving Licence Test Question Bank in Telugu

In the plot, film actor Hareendran wants a driving licence urgently, his ardent fan and a Motor Vehicle Inspector, Kuruvila Joseph, agrees on delivering it illegally, but their rendezvous does not go well, on the contrary, a feud develops between them that takes a toll on each other's personal and professional lives. Driving Licence was released in India on 20 December and internationally from 25 December The film met with a positive response from critics and was a commercial success at the box office. Hareendran is preparing to leave for the United States for his wife's diagnosis, delaying filming of his The Great Dictator which already incurred a budget overrun. With the climax still remaining to be shot at an Indian Navy leased land, the crew learns that Hareendran's driving licence that needs to be submitted to get clearance is missing. The producer is outraged as the film has to be wrapped as soon as possible.

Driving Licence Test. Home Driving Licence Test. Practice for your driver license test by answering the sample questions below. The questions below will not appear on the actual test. You are behind a bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off passengers.


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