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judgement and law today magazine in hindi pdf

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Law reports or reporters are series of books that contain judicial opinions from a selection of case law decided by courts. When a particular judicial opinion is referenced, the law report series in which the opinion is printed will determine the case citation format. Historically, the term reporter was used to refer to the individual persons who actually compile, edit, and publish such opinions.

It saves your time and energy in search for latest rulings of the Supreme Court of India. Further, a collection of all the 12 issues in a year can serve as a handy referencer for looking up the judgments of that particular year. Note: Subscription period will commence with effect from the Month of Subscribing. Special features. Illustrated Features:.

Daughter-in-law has right to reside in matrimonial home, says SC in landmark judgement

For a full story on this, see Hinduism Today August, , issue. The petition was denied. The court determined that the RK Mission is Hindu and there is no religion of "Ramakrishnaism" as claimed by them. The sustainability of the common judgment of Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court rendered in appeals preferred against the order of dismissal of a Writ Petition by a learned single Judge of the same High Court by which the claim of the followers of Ramakrishna that an educational institution established and administered by their Ramakrishna Mission receives protection under Article 30 1 of the Constitution of India being an educational institution established and administered in exercise of their fundamental right as a minority based on religion and under Article 26 a of the Constitution of India being an educational institution established and maintained in exercise of their fundamental right as a religious denomination or a section thereof, is upheld, since arises for our consideration in the present appeals filed against that judgment, all of them could be disposed of by this judgment. Such facts are briefly these:.

Wednesday, 03, Mar, Search Now. Mohanraj Vs. Shah Brothers Ispat Pvt. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, , Section 14 1 a - Moratorium - Object of moratorium provision is to see that there is no depletion of corporate debtor's assets during insolvency resolution process so that it can be kept running as going concern during this time, thus maximising value f

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Advice to Ministries on legal matters including interpretation of the Constitution and the laws,conveyancing and engagement of counsel to appear on behalf of the Union of India in the High Courts and subordinate courts where the Union of India is a party. Reciprocal arrangements with foreign countries for the service of summons in civil suits for the execution of decrees of Civil Courts, for the enforcement of maintenance orders, and for the administration of the estates of foreigners dying in India. Authorization of officers to execute contracts and assurances of property on behalf of the President under Article 1 of the Constitution, and authorization of officers to sign and verify plaints or written statements in suits by or against the Central Government. Legal Profession including the Advocates Act, 25 of and persons entitled to practice before High Courts. Enlargement of the jurisdiction of Supreme Court and the conferring thereon of further powers; persons entitled to practice before the Supreme Court, references to the Supreme Court under Article of the Constitution of India.

This resource is periodically updated for necessary changes due to legal, market, or practice developments. Significant developments affecting this resource will be described below. What's on Practical Law? Show less Show more. Ask a question. Legal systems in India: overview. Related Content.

The top court, however, said, the interim order protecting the right to residence of a woman under the law will not come in the way of filing of civil cases related to the property. It said shared household meant the place where the woman lives or at any stage has lived in a domestic relationship either singly or along with the husband and it includes the house "owned or tenanted". A civil court is to determine issues in proceedings on the basis of evidence which has been led by the parties before it, the judgement said. The Delhi High Court had set aside an order of a trial court passed in asking the daughter-in-law of Ahuja to vacate his premises. The High Court had also passed several directions and asked the civil court to decide the lawsuit afresh. Ahuja had said that the property belonged to him and neither his son nor his daughter-in-law have any ownership rights over it and it led to passing of an order asking the woman to vacate the premises.

Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, is responsible for the administrative functions in relation to the appointment of various.

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This resource is periodically updated for necessary changes due to legal, market, or practice developments. Significant developments affecting this resource will be described below. What's on Practical Law?

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