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Cars and rock 'n' roll-they were made for each other. When he was a young boy growing up in a working-class English town, Brian developed what would become a lifelong passion for cars, trolling junkyards and even pretending to drive the family car. From there, he steamed up the windows of his old Mini Cooper as a teenager, spent untold time in hygienically challenged tour buses with helpful signs such as No Shitting Allowed. Shagging Expected, was chauffeured in leather-trimmed limos, and raced cars to a checkered flag. Featuring guest stars Cliff Williams, Malcolm and Angus Young, and many, many others, even Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rockers and Rollers is a tribute to Brian's obsession with four wheels.

Rockers and rollers

All orders through codarecords. Please note this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Contents , , High Voltage Rock n Roll Many bands would simply have given up the ghost or retreated back into obscurity. Not only had they lost their charismatic front man, but they had also lost their talisman and a gifted lyric writer. They had also suddenly been robbed of one of the most recognisable rock voices and a performer whose massive presence and personality was all but impossible to replace.

On a more personal and even more painful level they had suffered the loss of a close friend who had been with them from their humble beginnings and who had been a major part of their subsequent staggering success. The perfectly named Back In Black contained more than just a little of the spirit of the departed Bon Scott and finally propelled the band into the super league that they had been so close to before his death.

It was everything that Bon would have wanted and deserved. With the knowledge of just how difficult a task it would be to front a band still reeling from such a tragedy, everyone recognised that it would take a brave or even foolish man to even consider trying to fill such shoes. For the band it would be a decision of career-changing proportions.

The band had to get the choice right and once again they turned to Bon Scott to help them out of a corner. They tracked him down and an audition was arranged. In many ways it can be seen as a sign of their faith in his judgement, even beyond the grave, but on the other hand there was no doubting that if they were to continue it just had to be the pipes of Johnson that carried them forward.

This was a voice that can only have 6. How could anyone go on stage and try to replace their departed hero? A hero is exactly what Bon Scott was to his fans.

His stage presence was magnetic. His presence was dangerous, intoxicating, unpredictable, and yet somehow endearing. He connected with everyone, fixing you with full-on eye contact while flashing a conspiratorial grin that would have had you following him anywhere.

You could imagine him as the guy at the bar sharing jokes, or mending your car or stealing your girlfriend. He could out-sing, out-drink and out-perform a rock world already top heavy with similar contenders.

Here was a man living life full on at the very last stretch of the rope. He was just too full of life to be dead. Sure he drank heavily, far too heavily, and had done so for nearly all of his 33 years, but he somehow seemed indestructible. Bon Scott would always be there disarming you with a wink, never taking himself seriously, grinning one minute, snarling the next, while coaxing the very limits out of the band.

There was no huge rock star ego in the man and he would often step back into the shadows allowing the schoolboy on speed, Angus Young, to run riot in front of him. His voice echoed the years of hard drinking and reckless living but was perfectly suited 9. Such was his presence that the image will not fade. When tragedy struck it came in a quietly sad and disturbingly lonely way that somehow betrayed his memory as the ultimate party animal and friend to all.

If he was to die it could only conceivably be something dramatic. A motorbike accident, the like of which had nearly claimed him once before, some daredevil stunt gone wrong, something high speed, reckless. To die alone, abandoned in a cold empty car by the side of the road, was just not the way someone like Bon Scott was destined to depart. It is his life and his living of it that should be celebrated and remembered with warmth, rather than the manner and controversy of his death.

Bon was fast approaching 30 and was a clear nine years older than younger brother Angus. It was the town where the creator of Peter Pan, J. He was taken This deluxe edition is limited to 1, copies only and is presented with a permanent heavy weight glass clear vinyl cover to provide permanent protection for your priceless album. The deluxe limited edition also includes a unique code that unlocks an amazing suite of digital companions to enhance your enjoyment of the music. His parents described him as always cheeky, lively and most of all mischievous.

These would be the traits that would go on to characterise his whole life. He was a tough little Scot in a tough and unfamiliar Australian city. He quickly had to learn how to look after himself.

He left school at 15, brushed with authority several times and even ended up in prison. He was of quite a short stature at only five feet five, a fact that is surprising to anyone that saw him up there on stage, but he more than compensated for that by being tough and earning respect among the gangs that frequented Melbourne at the time. Despite respecting the solid, safe environment that his parents had created for him to grow up in, he also rejected it, and having left school drifted through a succession of jobs.

He was a natural drifter looking for something that he could throw his unlimited dynamic energies into. At one point he worked on the docks in Fort Adelaide in one of the toughest environments imaginable for a young man at the time.

He also worked on the crayfish boats, undoubtedly another tough and dangerous job, at a market garden and as a tractor driver, but nothing seemed to last very long. He was restless, an adventurer whose subsequent life on the road would eventually suit him perfectly.

Despite all of this he also treated people with respect and was held in very high regard by all of his friends, many of whom he remained loyal to throughout his life. It was music and, in particular, life on the road that would finally fill the chasm in his life. Having learnt and loved the drums from an early age, when his father encouraged him to use his skill He was in The Spektors, tasted success with The Valentines, then enjoyed a level of local stardom with Fraternity.

Such success opened up a whole new world to him, and suddenly music and being in a band was an all-consuming passion that made everything else seem insignificant. When his parents moved to Perth in , a new phase in his life began that saw him winning awards for his drumming in the pipe band, and appearing on local television, giving him his very first taste of fame.

He began to perform at beach parties and discovered his voice singing such classics as Blue Suede Shoes and Long Tall Sally. An important event in the development of a rock hero occurred during his teens. He was also charged with unlawful carnal knowledge, relating to an incident involving a slightly younger girlfriend and for stealing 12 gallons of petrol. He was sent into the care of the Child Welfare Department for two years. It was a tough lesson for the young Bon Scott to suddenly find himself locked away and unable to pursue his interest in music and girls so easily.

They stood back and watched as their son served his time and emerged a little wiser for the experience. He resolved to never find himself in that position again, and despite never actually backing away from confrontation he tried to avoid such situations in the first place.

His first real band was The Spektors, whom he joined on the drums in They stayed together for a year in the Perth area before merging with local band The Winztons to become The Valentines. The Valentines were more rhythm and blues than The Spektors had been and drew their inspiration from the English mod bands of the time such as The Who and The Small Faces.

The band was delighted when it reached No. They clearly impressed the more well known act. At the time The Easybeats were huge, particularly in Australia. On bass was George Young, older brother of Malcolm and Angus. Their paths were all destined to cross. Unfortunately She Said failed to maintain the impetus of the first single and faded quickly. Life on the road suited him perfectly, but unfortunately would also begin a journey that would lead to tragedy several years later, just as the hard work was finally paying off.

Despite being desperately poor, nearly starving and unable to afford accommodation, it was Bon, ever the optimist, that seemed totally undeterred and accepted their position with infectious enthusiasm. In truth he wanted nothing else, and for him sleeping in the back of a van after appearing on stage had an intoxicating almost beatnik feel to it that connected with what he needed from life.

As long as there were girls and booze he was happy and, of course, Bon being Bon there was more than enough of both. It was in the clubs and pubs, some of which were unforgiving to say the least, that Bon learned the art of working an audience. Pelted with glasses one night and appreciated the next, it was a tough and uncompromising lesson in life on the road. Old Man saw better sales and a sleeker more produced sound. The year was to prove something of a turning point for The Valentines.

As The Easybeats declined, The Valentines grew in popularity. By now they were drawing bigger and more excited crowds and had honed their image to one of a full-on pop group. Bon was told to cut his hair, wear smart clothes and cover his tattoos as the image became almost as important as the music.

The image may have changed but they never forgot the rough environment from which they had come. When they appeared before 7, fans at Alexandra Gardens the excited audience stormed the stage and the police suddenly had a large-scale disorder situation on their hands.

Things got really out of control when singer Vince Lovegrove kicked a policeman off the stage. The next single of was a bizarre choice.

When they flew back to Perth they were celebrities and were met by nearly 4, fans, many of them female. At this stage a downturn seemed inevitable, and just as their Australian popularity was at its highest they were busted for marijuana possession following a search of their dressing room.

By this time the music scene was changing rapidly. Suddenly commercialised pop bands, even those with a not so squeaky clean image, were a thing of the past. The single Juliette, released in , proved to be their last moment in the spotlight as they disbanded shortly after.

Deep Purple and Free on their tour of Australia. Television appearances followed, one of which featured Bon riding his motorbike, a machine that he was reported to ride naked up and down stairs to entertain the girls. Girls were always a big part of his life, but Bon surprised even those closest to him when he married his girlfriend Irene Thornton on 24 January, A tall leggy blonde that Bon met in , Irene shared his lust for life and sense of humour. During their tour they opened for the hard rocking northern band Geordie, fronted by Brian Johnson.

Unfortunately the England experiment failed to help the band take off. London was awash with homegrown talent, and Fraternity returned to Australia only to disband shortly afterwards as RCA and their management shut down the finance.

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LKaoiehhsREtldjow - Read and download Brian Johnson's book Rockers and Rollers: An Automotive Autobiography in PDF, EPub online.

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Brian Johnson Autobiography Book

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We all want to live with virtue and excellence. For nearly fifty years he was the voice of cricket on BBC television and radio. Brian Johnson has 65 books on Goodreads with ratings. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library. By night, Brian Johnson sings in the biggest rock 'n' roll band on the planet. It is Brian Johnson's Automotive Autobiography.

Published by It Books in New York. Written in English. I never mean

Rockers and Rollers: An Automotive Autobiography PDF/EPUb Book by Brian Johnson. MakBeniuso - Read and download Brian Johnson's book.

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Brian Francis Johnson born 5 October is an English singer and songwriter. He and the rest of the band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Johnson was one of the founder members of the rock band Geordie formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in Lead guitarist and co-founder Angus Young recalled, "I remember Bon playing me Little Richard , and then telling me the story of when he saw Brian singing [with Geordie]. He's on the floor, rolling around and screaming. I thought it was great, and then to top it off—you couldn't get a better encore—they came in and wheeled the guy off! The Guardian ranked the successful transition to Johnson at No.

Brian Johnson

All orders through codarecords. Please note this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Contents , , High Voltage Rock n Roll Many bands would simply have given up the ghost or retreated back into obscurity.

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