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types of service in food and beverage pdf

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You may have seen waiters sailing towards tables, holding silver platters aloft.

But the types of menu are often overlooked. Most people may not even know how many types of menus there are. The traditional menu definition is a list of food or drink items available for purchase, or a list of food or drink items that will be served. The word menu is also used frequently in the context of electronic devices and computer programs.

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Different Types of Food and Beverage Services in Hotels | Restaurants

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There are many different types of food and beverage service types or procedures, but the major category of the food service is 1 Plate Service , 2 Cart Service , 3 Plater Service, 4 Buffet Service and 5 Family style service. Below is the list of different type of food and beverage service followed by hotel , resorts , restaurants, fast food establishments etc. Table service is considered as a border category of service style which consists of English Service, American Service , Pre plated Service Etc. If the server knows the guest name then they should address the guest by their Surname and title. While seating the guests the least desirable areas like the tables near to side stations , kitchen, dishwashing area etc.

What Are the Different Types of Food Service Styles?


Restaurant Sequence of Service or Service Cycle. Courtesy is one of the most essential aspects of restaurant service, so is a degree of formality, especially in upmarket operations. Efforts must be made to ensure a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with a warm, friendly and efficient service provided with politeness. The sequence of service is referred to as the order in which a waiter provides service to guests from the time the guest enters the restaurant to the time he leaves the restaurant. Reservations are accepted in fine dining or speciality restaurants; coffee shop does not accept reservations. Following points must be noted down while taking down a reservation:. Reservations of the day are discussed during the briefing prior to meal period; allocation of the tables is done at this time.

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There are a number of service styles to be followed when it comes to how food and beverage should be served to the customers. In this type of service, the guests enter the dining area and take seats. The waiter offers them water and menu card. The guests then place their order to the waiter. The table is covered in this service.