2005 Nasscom And Mckinsey Company Report In Pdf Format

2005 nasscom and mckinsey company report in pdf format

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Published: 12.06.2021

Mckinsey Report Pdf. The proportion of women at every level in corporate America has hardly changed. See Exhibit 12 for an EMS command and control events timeline.

NASSCOM-McKinsey report needs a 2011 version

Services revolution across the globe has changed the business map and the way business is conducted. This high growth of services has been aided by the expansion of trade in services due to increased tradability of a variety of business and other services. The growth in international trade in services is now somewhat higher than the trade in goods sector - between and , the exports of services registered a growth of over 7 per cent as compared with a growth of 6 per cent for goods. Rapid advancement in technology and innovations especially in communication, transportation, and information processing accompanied by an increased integration of financial markets have increased the tradability of services, which has further facilitated the expansion of cross-border trade in services. Amongst various services sectors, trade in business services comprising various back-office operations such as accounting, call centres, computing, management consulting, data processing, hardware consulting have witnessed a phenomenal expansion in the recent years. This is largely attributable to a number of US and European companies, which have taken recourse to outsourcing of such services from other countries to take advantage of labour arbitrage. A number of economies around the world such as India, Ireland, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Singapore are engaged in the provision of outsourcing services to a number of Western economies.

A little background to the study. In , the McKinsey Global Institute conducted a survey of human resource professionals from 83 companies in a variety of countries - 28 low-wage and 8 mid to high-wage ones. It is reported that only 10 MNC HR managers were interviewed, including 2 dedicated interviews on candidate deficits. With this study result, industry leaders, career consultants, policy makers, media groups, etc never missed an opportunity to tell the world that India produces only 25 per cent engineering graduates employable in the IT sector. In many instances, this statistic has been extrapolated to say that only 25 per cent of the engineers are employable.

Making IT Offshoring Work for the Japanese Industries

IT offshoring has now become imperative not only for the IT industry but also for the manufacturing industry in Japan. The Japanese hardware industry which has long been globally competitive now faces unexpected challenges, i. The impending serious shortages of IT engineers will soon erode the competitiveness of the industry. Increased global competition and serious manpower shortages are the major background for the IT offshoring. Japanese offshoring is yet at an immature stage, turning mainly to China due to cultural similarity, Japanese language proficiency, and geographical proximity.

Based on the industry's experience over the last three years and the changing nature of customer needs, the report underlines the fact that a new approach needs to be followed by Indian IT companies in the coming years, to extend their global leadership position. Elaborating on the report, Mr. The industry is in a strong position to leverage the global software opportunity and establish India as the premier IT destination in the world. Extensive innovation by various industry stakeholders could accelerate the growth in export revenues and increase India's share in the global market substantially in the near future. Inherent advantages like abundant talent supply, strong cost- and-leadership oriented companies, regulatory support, scaleable high-quality infrastructure, and a growing domestic market have been instrumental in driving the growth of this sector. This could contribute 1 per cent per year to GDP growth, directly employ approximately 2.

The case traces the genesis of NASSCOM and presents a decision situation faced by the new president who has to formulate a road map in the light of changed circumstances. However, it faces challenges that can jeopardize the future if the industry. The case can be best used to understand the IT industry dynamics through the eyes of an exemplary trade body and also understand how a trade association in emerging economies can play an important role to fill institutional voids. Karthik, D. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Perspective 2025: Shaping the Digital Revolution

India has been the leading offshore destination during this period, and now accounts for 65 per cent of the global industry in offshore IT and 46 per cent of the global Business Process Offshoring BPO 1 industry. The global offshoring market continues to grow rapidly, as the proven benefits of offshoring also termed global sourcing or global delivery induce more and more companies to adopt these practices and providers develop the capabilities to serve even more sophisticated customers. Additionally, export growth can be further accelerated through deep and enduring innovation by industry participants. Global offshoring dynamics Our research suggests that rapid growth is likely to continue in the global offshore IT and BPO industries. We have examined the offshoring potential for each service line in the IT market and for each industry vertical in the BPO market.

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NASSCOM: Is it time to retrospect and reinvent

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