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William O.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany

At the spiritual heart of the country is the magnificent east-central city of Berlin , which rose phoenixlike from the ashes of World War II and now, after decades of partition, is the capital of a reunified Germany, and the Rhine River , which flows northward from Switzerland and is celebrated in visual art, literature, folklore, and song. The name Germany has long described not a particular place but the loose, fluid polity of Germanic-speaking peoples that held sway over much of western Europe north of the Alps for millennia. Although Germany in that sense is an ancient entity, the German nation in more or less its present form came into being only in the 19th century, when Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck brought together dozens of German-speaking kingdoms, principalities, free cities, bishoprics, and duchies to form the German Empire in Economic depression, widespread unemployment, and political strife that verged on civil war followed, leading to the collapse of the progressive Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler. After gaining power in , Hitler established the Third Reich and soon thereafter embarked on a ruinous crusade to conquer Europe and exterminate Jews, Roma Gypsies , homosexuals, and others. The victorious powers divided Germany into four zones of occupation and later into two countries: the Federal Republic of Germany West Germany and the German Democratic Republic East Germany , separated for more than 40 years by a long boundary.

From his birth in to the day of his death in Benito Mussolini was many things to many men. Son of a blacksmith of radical persuasion, Mussolini was a born revolutionary. He was named after Benito Juarez, the Mexican revolutionary leader. As he grew up he knew the hunger and hardships of the laboring class. He was s one of them, a natural leader, and a firebrand of the first order. Through successive stages of radicalism and anticlericalism—including several years of exile in Switzerland because, as a confirmed pacifist, he refused to undergo military training—Mussolini became a leader of the Socialist party and editor of its newspaper. He broke with the party over the issue of Italian neutrality in the first World War—he was for participation alongside the Allies—and was expelled from it.

In , Hitler came to power and turned Germany into a dictatorship. How did the Nazi party come to power and how did Hitler manage to eliminate his opponents? Germany became a republic in Many Germans were dissatisfied with the new situation. They longed for a return to the Empire.

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Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. No other powerful empire ever bequeathed such mountains of evidence about its birth and destruction as the Third Reich. When the bitter war was over, and before the Nazis could destroy their files, the Allied demand for unconditional surrender produced an almost hour-by-hour record of the nightmare empire built by Adolph Hitler. This record included the testimony of Nazi leaders and of concentration camp inmates, the diaries of officials, transcripts of secret conferences, army orders, private letters—all the vast paperwork behind Hitler's drive to conquer the world.

It was a bestseller in both the United States and Europe, and a critical success outside Germany; in Germany, criticism of the book stimulated sales. The book was feted by journalists, as reflected by its receipt of the National Book Award for non-fiction , [2] but the reception from academic historians was mixed. The work was written and initially published in four parts, but a larger one-volume edition has become more common. Yet, despite extensive footnotes and references, some academic critics consider its interpretation of Nazism to be flawed. Barnes was an old friend of Shirer. The title and cover had already been sent out in catalogs when Robert Gottlieb decided that both title and cover had to go. Nina Bourne decided that they should use the sub-title as the title and art director Frank Metz designed the black jacket bearing the swastika.

German or Nazi Antisemitism?

Search this site. Herndon, Claimant, Petitioners, V. Cook PDF. Admiral Corporation V. Gillham Zora H.

The Historiography of the Holocaust pp Cite as. Until the s most studies of the Nazi Party and National Socialism argued that antisemitism was an essential factor in explaining Nazi success before Today, most studies agree that although a hardcore of radical antisemites existed within the party, most members avoided engaging in antisemitic activity.

There was, instead, the beginning of a kind of willed forgetfulness of the horror of those years. No wonder. It was not merely the Second World War, it was war to the second power, exponentially more horrific.

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Germany 1933: From democracy to dictatorship

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