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the politics of urban and regional development and the american exception pdf

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An age of the urban regionalism has arrived. Postindustrial capitalism is evolving in ways that give renewed importance to city regions. Although governments at all levels have been responding to manage this reality, political intervention remains a contentious matter because regional economic development has unleashed new political tensions over governance.

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The dilemma concerns teh apparent contradiction between the use of resources to foster economic growth and the necessity to provide public expenses to cover elementary human needs. In most of the developing world, the housing situation has continued to deteriorate in the largest metropolitan areas. This has been true even when the areas were experiencing periods of sustained economic growth, as was the case for most of Asia, and for Latin America until the s. The growing proportion of squatters among urban dwellers all over the world is evidence of this dilemma. The paradox is that Singapore and Hong Kong, the two countries with the highest rate of economic growth of the last 25 years, are also the countries that have built the two largest public housing systems in the world during that period. Their public housing systems are the largest in terms of the proportion of the population housed by the government in , 46 percent for Hong Kong, 86 percent for Singapore.

The Politics of Urban and Regional Development and the American Exception

This Research Bulletin has been published in Geographical Review. Megaregions: Globalization's New Urban Form? Edited by John Harrison and Michael Hoyler, xi and pp. Cheltenham, Glos. From the multiplicity of terminologies used to describe the emerging functional scales and composition of t he world's twenty first century urban landscapes, John Harrison and Michael Hoyler have taken a prominent United States US term as the title for their edited volume of essays - Megaregions. Representations of urbanisation processes even back then, highlighted the growth of the world's major cities as not simply a question of increasing size but of global constitution Pain

The findings, interpretations and conclusions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Investment Bank. The world has entered an age of urbanisation, a metropolitan century, that is already one third complete. From roughly to , humankind is on a great trek to the cities. Within this metropolitan century we also expect to see human population growth tail off. A new generation of technologies will make living smarter, vehicles more autonomous, and work more automated. The great quest of our time—to address planetary warming and arrest climate change—will be played out through this urbanising century.


September 28, — May 15, RL When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they are actually choosing presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college. The complex elements comprising the electoral college system are responsible for election of the President and Vice President. The presidential contest was noteworthy for the first simultaneous occurrence in presidential election history of four rarely occurring electoral college eventualities. These events are examined in detail in the body of this report.

Although all advanced industrial societies have urban and regional development policies, such policy in the United States historically has taken on a very distinct form. Compared with the more top-down, centrally orchestrated approaches of Western European countries, US cities and, to a lesser degree, states, take the lead, spurred on by developers and those with interest in rent. This bottom-up policy creates conflict as one city battles with another for new investments and as real estate developers fight over the spoils, resulting in highly contentious politics. In doing so, he illustrates the essential characteristics of American regional development through a series of case studies including housing politics in Silicon Valley; the history of the Dallas—Fort Worth International Airport; and a major redevelopment project that was rebuffed in Columbus, Ohio.

The Administrative Services Department is responsible planning, directing, coordinating and implementing various internal services, programs and special projects. The Advance Planning Division is responsible for articulating the long-range vision of the City of Culver City through land use and policy planning. The Building Safety Division is responsible for the enforcement of all building codes adopted by the City and the State of California for local jurisdiction enforcement. The City Attorney's Office provides high quality, timely and cost effective legal guidance, support and representation for all City Officials and City Staff on matters of law pertaining to their duties and responsibilities.

The Politics of Urban and Regional Development and the American Exception

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