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nature scope and importance of marketing management pdf

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Definition : Marketing is the process of converting prospective buyers into actual customers by communicating complete information of the product or services to the customer. The key elements which are the secret to a successful marketing practice are thorough market survey and research, framing a competitive strategy , designing a realistic marketing plan and implementing different tactics to execute the plan. It is the core of all the business practices, without which any business will prove to be a colossal failure.

Nature and Scope of Marketing Management

Nature and Scope of Marketing Marketing. Marketing embraces all the business activities involved in getting goods and services , from the hands of producers into the hands of final consumers.

The business steps through which goods progress on their way to final consumers is the concern of marketing. Marketing is a Legal Process by which Ownership Transfers. In the process of marketing the ownership of goods transfers from seller to the purchaser or from producer to the end user. Marketing is a System of Interacting Business Activities. Marketing is that process through which a business enterprise, institution, or organisation interacts with the customers and stakeholders with the objective to earn profit, satisfy customers, and manage relationship.

It is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or user. Marketing is a Managerial function. According to this approach the emphasis is on how the individual organisation processes marketing and develops the strategic dimensions of marketing activities. Marketing is a social process.

Marketing is the delivery of a standard of living to society. According to Cunningham and Cunningham societal marketing performs three essential functions Marketing is a philosophy based on consumer orientation and satisfaction.

Marketing had dual objectives - profit making and consumer satisfaction. Scope of Marketing:. Study of Consumer Wants and Needs. Goods are produced to satisfy consumer wants. Therefore study is done to identify consumer needs and wants. These needs and wants motivates consumer to purchase. Study of Consumer behaviour. Marketers performs study of consumer behaviour. Analysis of buyer behaviour helps marketer in market segmentation and targeting. Production planning and development.

Product planning and development starts with the generation of product idea and ends with the product development and commercialisation. Product planning includes everything from branding and packaging to product line expansion and contraction.

Pricing Policies. Marketer has to determine pricing policies for their products. Pricing policies differs form product to product.

It depends on the level of competition, product life cycle, marketing goals and objectives, etc. Study of distribution channel is important in marketing. For maximum sales and profit goods are required to be distributed to the maximum consumers at minimum cost. Promotion includes personal selling, sales promotion, and advertising. Right promotion mix is crucial in accomplishment of marketing goals. Consumer Satisfaction. The product or service offered must satisfy consumer.

Consumer satisfaction is the major objective of marketing. Marketing Control. Marketing audit is done to control the marketing activities.

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management facilitates the activities and functions which are involved in the distribution of goods and services. It relies heavily on designing the organisations offering in terms of the target markets needs and desires and using effective pricing, communication and distribution to inform, motivate and service the market. Further, their sales plans to a greater extent rest upon the requirements and motives of the consumers in the market. To achieve this objective, the organisation has to pay heed to the right pricing, effective advertising and sales promotion, distribution and stimulating the consumers through the best services. To sum up, marketing management may be defined as the process of management of marketing programmes for accomplishing organisational goals and objectives. It involves planning, implementation and control of marketing programmes or campaigns.

Nature and Scope of Marketing

Everything you need to know about marketing management. Marketing Management performs all managerial functions in the field of marketing. Marketing Management identifies market opportunities and comes out with appropriate strategies for exploring those opportunities profitably. It has to implement marketing programme and evaluate continuously the effectiveness of marketing-mix.

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In today's world of marketing, everywhere you go you are being marketed to in one form or another. Marketing is with you each second of your walking life. From morning to night you are exposed to thousands of marketing messages everyday.

Nature and Scope of Marketing Marketing. Marketing embraces all the business activities involved in getting goods and services , from the hands of producers into the hands of final consumers. The business steps through which goods progress on their way to final consumers is the concern of marketing.

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