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Access options available:. The work of the early sociologist Georg Simmel provides unparalleled insight into the complex subjective consequences of the growth of an increasingly objective modern culture. This article provides a close reading of Simmel's famous essay, "The Metropolis and Mental Life," to argue that the novel is the sustained realistic treatment of mental life in the large context of the money economy encapsulated in the idea of the metropolis.

Georg Simmel was born on March 1, in what is now the middle of downtown Berlin. In the course of this investigation, several notable themes of urban living are illuminated. This protection manifests itself in the rise of logic and intellect.

The Metropolis and Mental Life

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Georg Simmel “The Metropolis and Mental Life”

He is observing different cities such as London and then he mentioned Berlin, Germany. He was investigating the sociological differences between the urban and rural lifestyles. The things that he investigated were the types of relationships they had with people and how they interacted with them and the social norms that were presented. He also claimed the difficulties of identity in a big city compared to a smaller town. In the city, the people had struggled to preserve independence and their individuality.

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The Metropolis and Mental Life

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The Metropolis and Mental Life. Georg Simmel. The deepest problems of modern life flow from the attempt of the individual to main- tain the independence and.

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One of Simmel's most widely read works, The Metropolis was originally provided as one of a series of lectures on all aspects of city life by experts in various fields, ranging from science and religion to art.