The Spread Of Civilization In East And Southeast Asia Worksheet Pdf

the spread of civilization in east and southeast asia worksheet pdf

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Asia makes up the eastern portion of the Eurasian supercontinent ; Europe occupies the western portion. The border between the two continents is debated. Asia is bordered by the Arctic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. Ancient Asian peoples, however, saw themselves as a varied and diverse mix of culture s—not a collective group. Today, Asian countries rank as some of the top producers of many agricultural, forest, fishing, mining, and industrial products. This increased production has brought both extreme wealth and negative environmental impact s to the continent. It has some of the coldest, hottest, wettest, and driest places on Earth.

Chinese civilization is historically considered the dominant culture of East Asia. From the Qin dynasty to the late Qing dynasty BC — AD , the Chinese government divided Chinese people into four classes : landlord , peasant , craftsmen , and merchant. Landlords and peasants constituted the two major classes, while merchant and craftsmen were collected into the two minor. Theoretically, except for the position of the Emperor, nothing was hereditary. China's majority ethnic group, the Han Chinese are an East Asian ethnic group and nation. In modern China, there are 56 officially labelled ethnic groups.

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Muslims can be found in all mainland countries, but the most significant populations are in southern Thailand and western Burma Arakan. The Cham people of central Vietnam and Cambodia are also Muslim. Islam is the state religion in Malaysia and Brunei. Muslims are a minority in Singapore and the southern Philippines. Virtually all of Southeast Asia lies between the tropics, and so there are similarities in climate as well as plant and animal life throughout the region. Temperatures are generally warm, although it is cooler in highland areas. Many sea and jungle products are unique to the region, and were therefore much desired by international traders in early times.

In looking at the complexity of East Asia, it is useful to keep in mind some of the basic points of interest that relate to people, places, and regions:. NOTE: the entire unit can be accessed as one piece, with visuals, at the link above for instruction or can be given to students for study and response. This exercise is designed to introduce students to Chinese cuisine and the variations in menu items chosen from different parts of China, influenced by geography and the agriculture it supports in particular areas. This reading for students discusses China's hydraulic water control system and important improvements over time in canal transport. The reading can be used to enlarge the discussion of the Grand Canal and China's use of waterways. Why are minorities more common today in some areas than others?

The Spread of Civilization in East and Southeast Asia Vocab. Quiz or Worksheet

Adventurously sailing the Indian Ocean in the early s CE, Duarte Barbosa, a Portuguese naval officer, was confident that he was helping to forge a new, enduring era of Portuguese dominance. In the conflict that followed, the Portuguese plundered the Swahili city-states, burning buildings and enslaving African men and women. However, less than years later, Portuguese influences were noticeably absent in most of East Africa and their power in the Indian Ocean was fading rapidly. Barbosa, himself, had traveled with his brother-in-law, Ferdinand Magellan, and met an untimely end in his early 40s in the Philippines. Writing about the coast of East Africa, Barbosa paid little heed to the hundreds of years of Swahili history that preceded his visit.

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Its physical landscapes, political units, and ethnic groups are both wide-ranging and many. South Asia extends south from the main part of the continent to the Indian Ocean. The western boundary is the desert region where Pakistan shares a border with Iran.

Geography, Environment, and Cultural Zones

The country is and will remain a European—rather than an Asian—power by virtue of its history, strategic culture, demographics, and principal economic relationships. The size of the forces assigned to the Eastern MD has remained largely static; the scope and scale of their qualitative improvements have been modest; and they are postured mainly for strategic deterrence, domination of the airspace and seas around the disputed Kuril Islands, and defense of the land border with China. Although there has been a modest increase in its long-distance force-projection capabilities, Russia lacks the assets and infrastructure to sustain high-intensity conventional operations at long ranges in the region, and its forces are no match for U. The presence of the Russian Navy in the Western Pacific remains quite modest as well. The record of the Russian-Japanese relationship since the end of the Cold War is one of false starts, dashed hopes, and unrealistic expectations. The prospects for a breakthrough will remain bleak for the indefinite future. Its relationship with North Korea involves mostly muddling through.

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Chinese culture


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The region was the centre of a culture whose influence extended throughout the Middle East and as far as the Indus valley, Egypt , and the Mediterranean.

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