Explain The Relationship Between Average Product Of Labour And Marginal Product Of Labour Pdf

explain the relationship between average product of labour and marginal product of labour pdf

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We are now going to focus on the what is behind the supply curve.

Question 1. Explain the concept of a production function. Question 2. What is the total product of an input?


A production is purely an engineering concept. If you plug in the amount of labor, capital and other inputs the firm is using, the production function tells how much output will be produced by those inputs. Production functions are specific to the product. Different products have different production functions. The amount of labor a farmer uses to produce a bushel of corn is likely different than that required to produce an automobile. Firms in the same industry may have somewhat different production functions, since each firm may produce a little differently. One pizza restaurant may make its own dough and sauce, while another may buy those pre-made.

In economics, the marginal product of labor MP L is the change in output that results from employing an added unit of labor. The marginal product of a factor of production is generally defined as the change in output resulting from a unit or infinitesimal change in the quantity of that factor used, holding all other input usages in the production process constant. The marginal product of labor is then the change in output Y per unit change in labor L. In discrete terms the marginal product of labor is:. In continuous terms, the MP L is the first derivative of the production function :.

Total product of a factor is the amount of total output produced by a given amount of the factor, other factors held constant. As the amount of a factor increases, the total output increases. It will be seen from Table Thus, when one unit of labour is used with a given quantity of capital 80 units of output are produced. With two units of labour units of output are produced, and with three units of labour total product of labour increases to units and so on. After 8 units of employment of labour total output declines with further increase in labour input. But the rate of increase in total product varies at different levels of employment of a factor.

Production Function in the Short Run

It is dawn in Shanghai, China. They are using brooms. On the other side of the world, night falls in Washington, D. The difference in method is not the result of a greater knowledge of modern technology in the United States—the Chinese know perfectly well how to build street-sweeping machines. It is a production decision based on costs in the two countries. In China, where wages are relatively low, an army of workers armed with brooms is the least expensive way to produce clean streets. In Washington, where labor costs are high, it makes sense to use more machinery and less labor.

In order to produce goods and services which can be sold, and generate revenue and profits , a firm must purchase or hire scarce inputs, which are its factors of production. These factors can be fixed or variable. Fixed factors are those that do not change as output is increased or decreased, and typically include premises such as its offices and factories, and capital equipment such as machinery and computer systems. Variable factors are those that do change with output, which means more are employed when production increases, and less when production decreases. Typical variable factors include labour, energy, and raw materials directly used in production. The fundamental principles of production relate closely to the time periods in question, of which there are four:. A firm is said to be in its very short run when the only way to increase output is by using up existing stocks of inputs.

Marginal product of labor

Immigration is usually seen as a problem for existing citizens of nation because-- 1 the supply of labor increases, which tends to lower wages, 2 there's a greater demand for public services, which causes taxes to rise, and 3 the culture of immigrants is usually different, which creates all sorts of social conflicts. However, immigration can also be beneficial because-- 1 the additional labor is a source of economic growth, 2 the immigrants might be willing to do some jobs that wouldn't be performed otherwise, and 3 some goods can produced at lower cost. Compare emigration. If marginal product is less than average product, then average product declines.

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The short run production production assumes there is at least one fixed factor input. Total product total output. In manufacturing industries such as motor vehicles, it is straightforward to measure how much output is being produced. Average product measures output per-worker-employed or output-per-unit of capital. Marginal product is the change in output from increasing the number of workers used by one person, or by adding one more machine to the production process in the short run.

AD-AS MODEL: An economic model relating the price level and real production that is used to analyze business cycles, gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation, stabilization policies, and related macroeconomic phenomena. The AS-AD model, inspired by the standard market model, captures the interaction between aggregate demand the buyers and short-run and long-run aggregate supply the sellers.

Physical Production : Total Product, Aver­age Product and Marginal Product

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slope of the function, and his average product is the slope of the ray to the origin. Now we look at how to describe the marginal and average products mathematically. A general mathematical representation of this relationship is: where is the to the origin. We have defined Alexei's marginal product of labour (MPL) as the.

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The lower graph on the left depicts the exact relationship between the AP curve and the marginal product (MP) curve. When AP is rising, it is below MP; when AP is.

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Marginal product focuses on the changes between production totals and the quantity of resources. Average product shows output at a specific level of input. The peak of the average product curve is the point at which the marginal product curve and average product curve intersect.

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This is the profit that's listed on a company's balance sheet, appears periodically in the financial sector of the newspaper, and is reported to the Internal Revenue Service for tax purposes.

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