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One of the key poems of a literary movement called the "Harlem Renaissance," "The Negro Speaks of River" traces black history from the beginning of human civilization to the present, encompassing both triumphs like the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and horrors like American slavery. The poem argues that the black "soul" has incorporated all of this historical experience, and in the process has become "deep. I bathed in the Euphrates when dawns were young. I built my hut near the Congo and it lulled me to sleep. I looked upon the Nile and raised the pyramids above it.

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Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Late Publication. The River Between. Plot Summary. Progress Unity and Division.

At young age he had to personally go to Yimbo to negotiate for Akoko to become his wife. His choice of words reveals a person who is thoughtful before he speaks. He generously accepts to the 30 head of cattle of bride without negotiations. He is ready to share his office with the family of Otieno Kembo, he tells the elders that Otieno has many children who can take over chieftaincy in case his own son is taken away. He is the kind of a person who takes challenges easily as long as he knows the value of the challenge. In so doing, he earned the respect of Yimbo and admiration of Sakwa and above all the love of Akoko. Chief Odero Gogni tells Oloo, his Spokesman to set the bride price at 30 so as he can trim the pride of this people from Savanna land.

Storytelling: Critical and Creative Approaches

A rhetorical question is a question that is asked not to get an answer, but instead to emphasize a point. Though no answer is necessary for rhetorical questions, they are often used to elicit thought and understanding on the part of the listener or reader. Rhetorical questions can work in several different ways, though the definition of rhetorical question remains the same. A rhetorical question may be intended as a challenge for which there is no answer or for which the answer is very difficult to come across. On the other hand, some rhetorical questions have such obvious answers that they are meant to emphasize how obvious the answer to a previous questions was.

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Among other roles that literature could play, it actively participates to the daily actions of men in dealing with crises that humanity is often faced with, and it also sharpens and allows the rebirth of peoples. The River Between is one of the books of Ngugi where the text focuses on the crisis and some means of liberation for the Kenyan people. Through eminently literary formulas, Ngugi succeeds in finding tools needed to heal the Kenyan society and thus, the African people. Literature can be a necessary tool of conciliation, of search for solutions to crises.

The bitterness between them caused much hatred between the adults of each side. The story tells about the struggle of a young leader, Waiyaki, to unite the two villages of Kameno and Makuyu through sacrifice and pain. The novel is set during the colonial period, when white settlers arrived in Kenya 's " White Highlands ", and has a mountain setting. At an early age, he was already considered to have special gifts. Waiyaki once encountered two boys fighting and attempted to break up the squabble.

The River and the Source Literary Elements

He was on a train crossing the Mississippi River on the way to see his father in Mexico.

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The River and the Source

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The Negro Speaks of Rivers by Langston Hughes

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Storytelling: Critical and Creative Approaches

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