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Charles Sanders Peirce — was an American philosopher, physicist, mathematician, and the founder of pragmatism. Despite his importance in the history of philosophy, a unified statement of his thought has been unavailable. Beginning with an explanation of the nature of philosophy, Peirce proceeds to illustrate his claim that mathematics provides the foundation of our logic and metaphysics. At the urging of his friend William James, Peirce made an uncharacteristic effort in these lectures to present his ideas in terms intelligible to a general audience—those without advanced training in logic and philosophy. Consequently, this book will be a valuable source for readers outside of the circle of Peirce specialists.

Kant, Boole and Peirce's Early Metaphysics

I articulate Charles S. This involves an emphasis on the relation between theory and practice and between mathematics and other fields including the arts and sciences. For achieving its goals, the article is divided in three sections. Second, I illustrate this account by way of a geometrical example, placing special emphasis on its relation to mathematical education. Finally, I put forth some Peircean philosophical principles for mathematical education. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Review of Peirce's Reasoning and the Logic of Things: The Cambridge Conferences Lectures of 1898

Educated as a chemist and employed as a scientist for thirty years, Peirce considered himself, first and foremost, a logician. He made major contributions to logic, a subject that, for him, encompassed much of what is now called epistemology and the philosophy of science. He saw logic as the formal branch of semiotics , of which he is a founder, which foreshadowed the debate among logical positivists and proponents of philosophy of language that dominated 20th-century Western philosophy. Additionally, he defined the concept of abductive reasoning , as well as rigorously formulated mathematical induction and deductive reasoning. As early as , he saw that logical operations could be carried out by electrical switching circuits.

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The Journal of Speculative Philosophy

Charles Peirce is often credited for being among the first, perhaps even the first, to develop a scientific metaphysics of indeterminism. After rejecting the received view that Peirce developed his views from Darwin and Maxwell, I argue that Peirce's view results from his synthesis of Immanuel Kant's critical philosophy and George Boole's contributions to formal logic. Specifically, I claim that Kant's conception of the laws of logic as the basis for his architectonic, when combined with Boole's view of probability, yields Peirce's metaphysics of probabilistic laws. Indeterminism provides, therefore, an excellent illustration of how Peirce attempted to use logic to clarify metaphysical problems. W1: , 2.

The Journal of Speculative Philosophy

Charles Sanders Peirce

From the Robin Catalogue: A. Published as 5. Omitted were pp. In Induction it simply surrenders itself to the force of facts. But it finds, at once — I am partially inverting the historical order, in order to state the process in its logical order — it finds I say that this is not enough. It is driven in desperation to call upon its inward sympathy with nature, its instinct for aid, just as we find Galileo at the dawn of modern science making his appeal to il lume naturale.

At any rate, the text appears in Writings Volume 1, pp. Joseph Ransdell quotes a paragraph from it here. End of note.

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Reasoning and the Logic of Things

The Cambridge Conferences Lectures of 1898

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