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Ancient Roman architecture adopted the external language of classical Greek architecture for the purposes of the ancient Romans , but was different from Greek buildings, becoming a new architectural style. The two styles are often considered one body of classical architecture. Roman architecture flourished in the Roman Republic and even moreso under the Empire , when the great majority of surviving buildings were constructed. It used new materials, particularly Roman concrete , and newer technologies such as the arch and the dome to make buildings that were typically strong and well-engineered.

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In t heir t urn, Roman gardens influenced t he great Italian gardens of the Renaissance, the early ninet eent h- cent ury Neoclassical gardens of the West ern world, as well as t went iet h -cent ury gardens in E ngland, France, and the United S tates, most notably the garden at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California. Roman gardens are an essen- tial part of the cont inuum t h at is the garden hist ory of the Western world. Plan of the garden of Pliny's seaside Laurentine villa. Many visualizations of Pliny's gardens have been made over the years based on the descrip- tions in his Letters. Some reflect more the garden style of the period when the visualization was made than that of the true garden style of ancient Rome. For example, this drawing appears to be a plan of a typical seventeenth-century French Baroque garden.

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Houses, Villas, and Palaces in the Roman World

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[PDF] Houses Villas Palaces Roman World Book Online

A peristyle of a Roman house at Ostia — s AD. Usually the far end of the peristyle had one big room, that was the dining room. Possibly the Etruscans brought this idea of a courtyard house with them from West Asia. Atrium houses had several rooms around a small courtyard, with a cistern in the center of the courtyard catching the rainwater from the roof. When the Romans first started to build fancier houses, they copied the atrium house from the Etruscans.

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Without the benefit of cognitive or evolutionary theory, late Roman villa patrons and designers intuited their way toward houses that engaged and strongly affected the emotions of inhabitants and visitor participants.

Houses, Villas, and Palaces in the Roman World

Romans loved their gardens, whether they were the grand gardens of imperial country estates or the small private spaces tucked behind city houses. They treasured gardens both as places for relaxation and as plots to grow ornamental plants as well as fruits and vegetables. The soothing sound of bubbling fountains often added further to the pleasures of life in the garden. Romans constructed gardens in every corner of their empire, from Britain to North Africa and from Portugal to Asia Minor. Long after their empire collapsed, the gardens they had so carefully planted continued to exert influence in the farflung corners of their former world.

After posing this assumption, the handbooks list the items of furniture used in antiquity, based on sources of very diverse origin, mostly departing from depictions of furniture in Greek and Roman art. By: MOHD. Most furniture, especially in the more affluent households, had ornately carved legs as well. Wealthy Romans also had wall paintings called murals in their houses. Ancient Roman homes were sparsely furnished; they emphasized open space. By Gisela M.

A Roman villa was typically a country house for wealthy people built in the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Pliny the Elder 23—79 AD distinguished two kinds of villas near Rome: the villa urbana , a country seat that could easily be reached from Rome or another city for a night or two; and the villa rustica , the farmhouse estate permanently occupied by the servants who generally had charge of the estate. The Roman Empire contained many kinds of villas, not all of them lavishly appointed with mosaic floors and frescoes. In the provinces , any country house with some decorative features in the Roman style may be called a "villa" by modern scholars. Some villas were more like the country houses of England, the visible seat of power of a local magnate, such as the famous palace rediscovered at Fishbourne in Sussex.

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Houses, villas, and palaces in the Roman world

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Roman domestic architecture (villa)

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Outside In and Inside Out: Paradise in the Ancient Roman House

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